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Are you planning a dream trip to Hawaii? The latest information on the island

New restaurants and tours are born, along with great discounts at newly refurbished luxury hotels and an ongoing marriage of tourism and culture.

If you're heading to the island, here's an overview of what's happening in Hawaii:

Hawaii: New Volcano and Starry Sky Tour

Hawaii Forest&Big Island Adventure Tour Operator The Trail offers a new experience at the Mauna Kea Summit in Kona.

The Mauna Kea Summit and Stars Giveback Experiencefocuses on stargazing at the summit of Mauna Kea volcano. To protect and improve the forests on the slopes. The

tour takes guests to the Waikoloa Dry Forest habitat for a descriptive hike. There, it helps naturalists collect native species used to restore forests. Guests will then travel by van to the Mauna Kea slopes for a sunset dinner and a private starry sky observation session with a professional guide.

The new offering is the latest example of a state-wide trend that incorporates "volunteerism" and giveback components into the visitor's experience. This usually involves partnerships between tour companies and local nonprofits, where guests not only enjoy themselves, but also become part of their ecological and cultural initiatives.

The lack of doors means getting unabated views and photos of another world, not to mention the sheer volume of adrenaline.

Kauai: New Booking System and Nature Tour

People who haven't been to Hawaii for a while (or) You need to be aware that the island-wide policy has changed (so far). Reservations are now required in many state-owned recreation areas, including Haleakala sunrise on Maui, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head hiking on Oahu, and beach parks along the North Shore of Kauai.

Hanalei State Park on Kauai(including access to Key Beach and Kalalau Trail) requires a parking reservation and admission pass. Visitors should abandon their car and use the new North Shoreshuttle system, which runs between Hanalei and Haena.
Kauai's spectacular Ke'e Beach is part of Hāʻena State Park, which requires parking reservations and entry passes. Or visitors can use the new north shore shuttle.

Kauai's spectacular Kee Beach is part of Haena State Park and requires a parking reservation and admission pass. Alternatively, visitors can use the new North Shore Shuttle.

Douglas Pebbles / Corbis Documentary RF / Getty Images

This may be inconvenient for last-minute planners, but the ideas behind the initiative With recent overtourism, guests can have a better experience.

"The reef life is back, the trails are less crowded, and the lives of the people in the area are better balanced," said Kauai Executive Director. Sukanoho says. Visitors Bureau.

If you want to stay completely away from the crowd, check out theCoweye Hiking Tour'NewSouth Shore Coastal Hiking. A mellow, relatively flat 3-mile seaside hike along the cliffs of the South Sea, shaped by wind and waves, with a variety of wildlife, cultural attractions and scenic scenic spots. It was all made possible by owner and lead guide Jeremiah Fersen.

"One of the great things about this tour is that it takes people from the more crowded areas of the island to areas with a rich natural and cultural history." Felsen said.

"Walking along this long, undeveloped coastline, just off Poipu's bustling resort, gives visitors a deeper connection to the land and imagines what they need. I wanted to walk the same cliffs as the island's first inhabitants over a thousand years ago. ”

The experience is Hawaii's largest limestone cave. Includes a tour of the Makauwahi Cave, one of the state's most important archaeological sites.

South Shore Coastal hikes also have a soothing element. Felsen donates 15% of all outings to a non-profit organization working to protect the Makauwahi Cave.

Maui: Refurbished Hotel and Cultural Center

Maui was inspired by luxury and farms. A local culture that is loved in combination. You can see two evolving examples working this summer.

At the high end,Kapalua's Ritz-Carlton Mauihas undergone the largest renovation since its opening 30 years ago, further integrating the hotel and the natural environment. doing.

Lobby lanai has a fire pit and seating area with views of Honokawa Bay. The refreshed outdoor area also features three connected pools with waterfalls, a surrounding tropical garden and new luxury. Cabana.

An extensive renovation at The Ritz-Carlton Maui in Kapalua features a refreshed outdoor area with three connecting pools.

A major refurbishment of the Ritz-Carlton Maui in Kapalua features a refreshed outdoor area with three connection pools.

The Ritz-Carlton, Maui, Kapalua

I want to check it out. If you give back to the island, you can do so at a considerable discount. Stay 5 nights and get 20% off (1 night free) by participating in a volunteer project as part of the hotel'sMarama Hawaii Package
Will be. A family-owned farm has been transformed into an event center in the up-and-coming town of Wailuku, just minutes from the Iao Valley. This summer,Mahina Farms Mauiwill begin programming to connect community and culture.

"It has long been the vision of our family to rejuvenate our property into a cultural learning center," said Kainoa Holkaho, a farm culture practitioner. Said. "We wanted not only a place to teach and share traditional art, but also a place to ask ourselves and the community, that is, how we could evolve our culture, what's next?

Laau lapaau (Hawaii botanical medicine), Kaulana Mahina (Hawaii lunar calendar), workshops including ray making were held, Mele (song), Moolero (story) Will also be held at night. ), And meaʻai (food).

"Bring local chefs and musicians to create a night to explore Hawaii's cultural concepts based on food, songs and stories. Entertain each other and create a night. To educate. "

Follow the farm on Instagram (@mahinafarmsmaui) to stay up to date on your upcoming experiences.

Oahu: Lots of new and fun food

Oahu is a "meeting place" Not known. Its diverse population and cultural mix brings a revitalizing culinary scene as the pandemic grip is relaxed.

In Kailua,Lanikai Brewing Corecently launched a new alcohol selzer collaboration with Matsumoto Shave, the North Shore shave ice agency. The first flavor is the island's popular mango flavor. It's available state-wide, so you can try it out without having to go to Oahu.

"We use the Matsumoto family's syrup at Selzer to embrace the classics of the flower garden (childhood) as Keiki (children) running around Hawaii. "We do," said Steve Haumschild, owner of Ranikai Brewing.

In Honolulu, locals have long been waiting for the reopening of Pint + Jigger, a gastropub that was once loved for craft beer and burgers. The location of King Street was forced to close in April 2020, but the pandemic found that relocation and reopening had receded many times.

We have finally reopened at theAla Moana Hotelon the edge of Waikiki, along with our sister hotels and Speakeasy, in a convenient location for our visitors. Harry's Hardware Emporium.Frolic Hawaiʻi, Foodies segment, for other new restaurant openings and events, including
opening on Oahu. Of Honolulu Magazine. Regularly introduce you to the latest and greatest Hawaiian food scenes to help you plan your meal on your next trip.

If you go

On arrival, no pre-test and vaccine card required for domestic travelers to arrive became. united states of america. Most international arrivals still need to be vaccinated, but international travelers no longer need pre-testing.

All regional restrictions on eating out have been lifted and the state-wide mask obligation is no longer valid.

Hawaiian private companies have the right to request masks, and many locals still choose to wear masks. As a visitor, you need to respect all local requests to mask in crowded areas.