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Poison Bret Michaels provides up-to-date health information and apologizes after hospitalization

Poison rocker Bret Michaels apologized to fans for "unexpected medical complications" aftercanceling Nashville's performance..

A few hours after the news of Friday's hospitalization was reported, the singer's 59-year-oldwent to Instagramand thanked her followers for her "wishes."

Michaels writes:

"I deeply apologize for not being able to shake the stage tonight !!!" he continued. "I'm working to get 100% back soon&Good luck with my friends Motley [Crew] / [Def] Leppard / Joan [Jet&Black Hearts] and Classless Act. !!! ”

Michaels didn't talk about whether he or his band would perform at concerts scheduled for Saturday in Florida and Sunday in Mississippi.

Poison in 1987.
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"All roses have thorns" Singer poison bandmate Talked to the concert attendees about him and was hospitalized on Friday before their show.

"I've been from KC to see the poison," one fan tweeted. "Bret Michaels was admitted to the hospital. Nashville is not poisonous."

Another said, "Bret You and Poison rent a free concert in Nashville!" I added.

Bret Michaels performing on stage.
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A parent of one attendee visits Twitter , Written as follows. Motley Crue, Poison, Joan Jet&I'm in Nashville to finally see the big rock lineup of the 80's with Def Leppard. He has been waiting for a very long time. They had a storm dump, the lightning delay&poison was just canceled. They say Bret Michaels is in the hospital.

TMZ reported tothat the musician "had a bad reaction to the dosing", but his representative still responded to the request for comment on page 6. Is not ...

Michaels suffering from type 1 diabetes has been healthy in the past, from2010 emergency appendectomyto2014 hospitalization for kidney surgery. I experienced the above horror.