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Police slam into suspect's car and flee off road, video shows

A recent police chase in Georgia saw responding officers slam four suspected shoplifters into one side of their vehicle and force them off the highway. Finished.Video Show video. A chase took place near Atlanta on Saturday after the suspect fled the first police station.

The name of the officer who initiated the chase has not been released, but the Forsyth County Sheriff has identified him as a lieutenant assigned to the department's crime reduction unit. In a statement posted online with video footage this week, the sheriff's office said law enforcement in nearby Dawson County had issued a "be careful" warning to the Silver Ford He Focus. He said a sheriff's deputy had been dispatched. Inside was a paper tag with four females inside. A resident was accused of shoplifting by a group of outlet stores in the area.

According to a sheriff's statement, the vehicle involved in last weekend's chase met Dawson County's description and the occupants appeared to be "driving erratically," so security officials A sheriff motioned for the vehicle to stop, after which both vehicles stopped, an official statement said. shoulder. The deputy's dashcam recorded the interaction, showing the car driving away after instructing the driver and passengers to get out.

Vehicle Tracking and PIT

On Saturday, August 6, the Dawson County Sheriff's Office reported that a silver Ford Focus had gone missing. There was a paper tag with the front bumper and four women in it. They had just shoplifted at an outlet store and were heading south on the GA400. One of his crime reduction unit agents found his Ford Fusion driving erratically in his GA400 South, with a paper tag attached and four women on board. was After tracking the vehicle, the lieutenant initiated a traffic stop based on reckless driving and his BOLO information provided by Dawson County. The car pulled up beside his GA400 and the lieutenant used his PA to order the driver out of the car. Instead, the car ran away. After a short follow-up, agents performed the precision fixation technique (PIT). The vehicle's occupants were taken into custody on the orders of their deputies. They were identified as Atlanta's 27-year-old Brenaldia Stevens, Atlanta's 20-year-old Deshauna Hurd, Conyers' 21-year-old Jasmine Canty and Atlanta's 23-year-old Marquita Thomas. An examination of Thomas' wallet reveals that she has $700 in counterfeit US currency. Deputies also learned that Canty had a warrant from Gwinnett County for hijacking a car. Dawson County took Canty and Heard into custody, while Stevens and Thomas were taken to Forsyth County Jail. Brenaldia Stevens was charged with her reckless driving, escape or escape attempt, and possession of marijuana. She is being held on her $8,915 bail. Marquita Thomas has been charged with second-degree forgery and is being held on $4,420 bail. #NotInForsyth #WeSeeYou #YouRunWeChase #WhereYaGoing #HelpinDawsonOut #WhatchaGonnaDoWhenWeComeForYou #WeSpinYouRightRoundBabyRightRound #LongHashTagsRule #DoesAnyoneEvenReadThese #Pursuit #FCSO #StaySafeForsyth

Posted By Forsyth County Sheriff's Office Tue Aug 9, 2022} 21}

Footage shows the sheriff chasing the car briefly, placing the front of the car near the fleeing car's flashing left tail light and slamming into the bumper from a very close range. It shows how to do it. This caused the car to immediately spin clockwise in a semicircle, slid off the edge of the highway and come to a halt on the grass barrier area while facing back. 

Atlanta residents Brenaldia Stevens, 27, Deshauna Hurd, 20, Jasmine Canty, 21, Four women, identified as Marquita Thomas, 23, stepped out of the vehicle and were later arrested. Police said they found $700 in counterfeit U.S. bills in Thomas' wallet, which led to a warrant for Canty's hijacking in another county. All four were detained in either Dawson County or Forsyth County, according to the Forsyth County Sheriff.

The maneuver used by Deputy Commissioner Forsyth to force the suspect's car off the highway is called Precision Fixing Techniqueor PIT. Law enforcement personnel armed a fleeing vehicle by ramming it at an angle, propelling the car over her 180-degree arch, and forcing the vehicle to stall and stop. Use it as a deliberate means of disengagement. Research has been mixed on whether this operation is safe,an independent investigation by the Washington Postfound that between 2016 and 2020, when police initiated his PIT during an arrest, At least 30 people were found dead.

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