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Police: Parade plans to shoot for weeks and impersonates a woman

Authorities have fired deadly at the July 4 parade in HighlandsBelieve in the suspected shooter at  Park in Illinois planned an attack a few weeks ago. Police said at a press conference on Tuesday that the suspect attacked parade participants from the roof, killed six, injured dozens more, and then disguised themselves in women's clothing and blended into the crowd. ..

Robert "Bobby" Crimo III, 21, 21 hours after the shooting Monday night when police officers found their mother's car, Lake County. , I was detained without incident. Chris Coveli, a spokesman for the Major Criminal Task Force, told reporters. He said authorities would provide more information later on Tuesday.

"I believe Kurimo had planned this attack a few weeks in advance," Coveli said.

His family said Nicholas Toledo, who came from Mexico in his late 70s, was one of the victims. Jackie Sandheim, a staff member of the nearby North Shore Congregation Israel, was also killed and announced her death on the website.

Investigators have spoken to the suspect, but they haven't revealed their motives for shooting, Coveli said. "The shooting looks completely random," he said.

Based on the information the investigators have revealed so far, Koveli said the suspect purchased a powerful rifle that was legally used in the attack in Illinois. According to police, more than 70 shots were fired during the shooting.

Coveli said the suspect used a fire escape ladder to climb the roof of the building overlooking the parade route. The suspect wore women's clothing during the shooting, but investigators believe he did it to hide the tattoo on his face and help him escape, Coveli said.

After the shooting, Mr. Coveli said the suspect left the roof, dropped the rifle, and fled the scene with others attending the Independence Day festival outside Chicago. He walked to his mother's house in the area and rented her car, Coveli said.

"He quickly blended in with others, just as he was an almost innocent audience when they were running around," Coveli said.

A "community alert member" who saw the car on a road called 911 said after the authorities released a description of the car. Then a North Chicago police officer looked at the car, waited for a backup, pulled the car, detained the suspect, and found a second rifle in the car. Authorities believed that the suspect also bought the weapon legally, and found other legally purchased firearms in his house, Mr. Coveli said.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotatingsaid he knew the suspect when he was a boy on "CBS Morning".

"I was his Cubs Scout Pack Leader," she said. "... It hurts everyone in this town. I don't know what happened to him as he commits this kind of evil in his hometown, but today we have a city full of deep sorrow. It will take a long time to heal all of this. "

Rotorexpects criminal charges to be announced on Tuesday at CBS Chicago. Said.