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Poll: Texas people critical of law enforcement agency response to Uvalde slaughter

Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus, Anthony Salvanto, Kabir Khanna,

1 from school shooting MonthlyUvaldestates that the Texans are overwhelmingly critical of law enforcement's response to shootings, and it is important for the majority to investigate their response. I feel it. Most Texas people are worried about another mass shooting. 

The Texans evaluate Governor Abbott's reaction to Yuvalde negatively rather than positively. 

Almost half of Texas people report that Uvalde shootings have driven gun control in favor, and some measures are upheld in Texas. 

By supporting many potential gun countermeasures, Texas looks like a country as a whole.

There is bipartisan support for measures such as universal background checks and a minimum age of 20 to purchase the AR-15. However, there are more partisan differences in policies that focus on the gun itself. Most Republicans oppose the AR-15 ban in Texas, and more than half have a danger signal law that courts can order the temporary removal of guns from persons considered potential danger. I'm against it. 

Although more than half oppose Abbott's overall ability to perform his duties, Abbott still leads Beto O'Rourke eight points among potential voters in the governor's election.   

Senator John Cornyn has received various acclaim from his own party for representing Texas interests related to guns. Overall among Texas people.

Uvalde Shooting

Nine out of ten Texans feel that Uvalde law enforcement agencies have done more to stop shooters I am. Criticism has spread throughout demographic and political groups.  


Abbott has received negative reviews from young Texas, women, blacks and Latinos for dealing with Uvalde shootings. The majority of both Democrats and independents think he did a bad job, but most of his own parties positively appreciate his reaction. 


Concerns about mass shootings, gun policy

About 8 out of 10 people in Texas are concerned about the increase in mass shootings in Texas, including almost half of those who are "very concerned". Women are more concerned than men. Latin Americans and blacks in Texas are more likely than whites to be much more concerned about mass shootings.


About half of the Texas people were shot at Robb Elementary School, and some Supports gun control. Democrats, whose parties have long supported gun restrictions, are particularly likely to say this, but they also say to 10 Republicans that shooting has increased their tendency to support some measures. Three people join. 


Texas people have extensive support for background checks and are the minimum age. Is over 21 years old. There is majority support for the Texas "Danger Signal" law and the AR-15 ban, but there is more division between Texas for these measures. 


Texans' views on these measures are generally in line with the views of Americans.


Texans' views on gun policy measures are most effective. To prevent mass shootings related to what you think.

Republicans tend to focus on measures that are not related to guns. Improving religion and belief in people's lives, improving mental health services, and strengthening armed security in public places. Democrats are calling for more restrictions related to guns, such as background checks, warning signs, and mental health services.


Senator John Konin

Republicans, who think Cornin did a bad job on gun policy, overwhelmingly deny his overall ability to perform his duties. Approval of Konin's work among Republicans is 20 points lower than that of Ted Cruz. 

Most poll interviews were conducted before the bill was passed, as the bill was under consideration. More Texas Republicans said they opposed the law being considered rather than supporting it. The general public in Texas tends to support it as a whole. 


Texas Gun Owner 

Texas gun owners, like gun owners across the country, are more likely to identify themselves as Republicans than Democrats, which is generally the same as Republicans. It is reflected in some of their views on gun policy. 


What do you represent? The first answer is "protection," followed by "responsibility," "freedom," and "independence." These sentiments are similar throughout the demographics of gun owners, including both men and women.


Political and Governor competition

The Governor of Texas can get different results when he sees what Texas people are doing. Most Republicans like the work he does, but most Democrats don't, but independents are split in the middle. Still, in states that are leaning redr than the rest of the country, he is seen as doing a better job as governor than Joe Biden is president. 


Despite low approval points, Greg in early votes Abbott will point-lead democracy challenger Beto O'Rourke if the Texas Governor's election takes place today. 


This CBS News / YouGov survey is conducted state-wide. Was a representative sample of 1,075 US adult residents in Texas interviewed June 22-27, 2022. The sample was weighted to represent state-wide adults by gender, age, race, education, and geographic region, based on the current Census Census. Until the 2020 presidential election. The margin of error is ± 4.7 points for the entire sample.


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