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Pope Francis dismisses rumors of resignation following knee injury

Pope Francis
Pope Francis has denied rumors that he will resign due to a broken knee. AP

Pope Francis shrugged rumors that he would resign as head of the Catholic Church.

The 85-year-old said on SaturdayReutershe hadn't considered resigning yet.

Rumors began to swirl after many major upcoming events were considered on his calendar, such as a visit to the city of L'Aquila. This means he was thinking of hanging the miter forever. ..

"Some thought that all these coincidences would result in the same" liturgy, "he said whispering. "But that didn't come to my mind. For now, no, for now, no. Really!"

Nevertheless, the Pope said he might resign someday. — As Pope Benedict XVI did in 2013.

Roman bishop revealed that hisrecent health struggles left him in a wheelchair-one month after he suffered a "small fracture" in his knee. I was bound by.

The Argentine-born pope has been using a cane for months after developing a knee problem.

He said he was "slowly getting better" with laser and magnetic therapy.

Born in Jorge Mario Bergorio and elected in March 2013, Francisco was scheduled to visit Congo and South Sudan this week, but was ordered by a doctor to skip the trip. rice field.

He said he is still planning a trip to Canada on July 24th and hopes to visit Russia and Ukraine later this year.

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