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A pregnant 16-year-old is not 'mature' enough to have an abortion, court ruling

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A Florida judge ruled that a 16-year-old pregnant girl was not "mature enough" to have an abortion, so she could not have an abortion. made the decision.

Judge Jennifer J. Frydrychowicz ruled Monday that an appeals court upheld a lower court ruling barring the girl known in court documents as Jane Doe 22-B from undergoing surgery. . Her orphaned teen had sought a waiver from state law requiring minors to obtain parental consent for an abortion.

She was her subordinate, she was not ready to have a baby of her own, she had no job, and her father of her baby could not help her. she said. She lives with her relatives and has an appointed guardian who is "no problem" with her decisions. The girl also said she is "pursuing GED by participating in a program designed to help young women who have experienced trauma in their lives." Last three abortion clinics in Louisiana leave state

A Florida judge ruled that a 16-year-old pregnant girl could not receive an abortion because she was not "sufficiently mature" enough to terminate her pregnancy.

A Florida judge ruled that a pregnant 16-year-old girl was not "mature enough" to have an abortion, so she could have an abortion. I have decided that I cannot. She terminates her pregnancy. (AP Photo/José Luis Magana)

A teenage girl was kept under her family's custody by the Florida Department of Children's Affairs & until she turned 18. is placed in

She had requested a court order to approve her abortion when she was ten weeks pregnant. In her petition, she claimed she was mature enough to make a decision about whether to have an abortion, which is required by state law. was found to be too immature to determine the fate of the fetus, as it failed to adequately express the

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She had told the lower court she was not ready for a baby, did not have a job and the baby's father was unable to help her. 

She told a lower court that she was not ready to have a baby, had no job, and that the baby's father was her. said he could not help  (AP Photo/Bruce Schreiner, File)

Judge Scott Makar disagreed, saying the girl had recently experienced the death of a close friend, The court wanted to give her more time to evaluate her decision. I wanted to give women extra time to show a sharper understanding of the consequences of abortion," Makar wrote. "A minor said she was, at least at one point, open to having children, but later changed her mind, considering she was unable to care for them in her current position. This makes some sense, given that the 84}

Teenager is under the custody of the Florida Department of Children's&Amper; family until she turns 18.

The Florida Parental Notice and Consent for Abortion Act requires physicians to obtain written consent from a parent or legal guardian before performing an abortion on a minor. It is stipulated that there is In the event of a medical emergency or waiver from a parent or guardian.

The state's new abortion law, passed after the Supreme Court overturned her Roe v. Wade judgment in June, bans surgical abortions after 15 weeks.

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