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Kenya primary election results show fierce competition

More than 43,000 polling stations submitted their presidential election results for Tuesday's poll. Preliminary results show fierce competition between the two leading presidential candidates.

Interim presidential election results show fierce competition between her two leading candidates, Laila Odinga and William Rutt.

As of 9 a.m. local time, 43,615 polling stations out of 46,229 polling stations had submitted their presidential election results, awaiting verification before publication.

Each candidate had his 1.2 million votes as of 9 am, according to Kenyan media. Results are still being tallied.

The Commission will begin reviewing the results after election officials report to Election Commission headquarters in Nairobi. The commission will make its final announcement of the presidential ballot after reviewing all of her 46,229 forms from polling stations nationwide. Verification of these results may take several days.

The Electoral Commission said it believed 13.2 million Kenyans had voted. This is his 60% of registered voters. In the 2017 election, nearly 80% of registered voters voted for him.

Low voter turnout is responsible for rampant corruption and the failure of political leaders to deliver on the political, social and economic progress promised with each election.