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First encounter with Prince Charles' "emotional" granddaughter Lillibet

A version of this story appeared in the July 1st edition of CNN's Royal News. It delivers weekly internal tracks of the British royal family. Sign up here.

(CNN)When I returned to the UK last month, I couldn't see much of Sussexes. However, I hear that they were able to spend a fulfilling time with the members of the royal family, away from the prying eyes.

Prince Harry, his wife Megan and his two young children were only in town for a few days, but senior royal sources said, "It's not going to bring them back to Britain. That's great. "

The family flew from their California home to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee to commemorate her historic 70-year reign. Prince Charles and Camilla were "absolutely excited" to see them, according to royal sources.

Harry and Megan, as you will definitely remember, withdrew from official royal mission in January 2020. The

then revealed the bond between his father Charles and his brother William. He has suffered since a rather severe division. He told Opla Winfree in an interview last year that at some point the successor to the British throne had stopped receiving calls altogether.

But, as the old saying says, time heals all wounds, and it sounds like the relationship may have been repaired.

"It was very moving and wonderful to see her for the first time because he had never met her granddaughter Lillibet," sources said.

Royal sources also said it was a "very special" reunion for Charles and his grandson Archie.

During the Queen's festival, the children did not show up. However, Harry and Megan made their firstco-starringat a royal event for the first time in two years attending a thank-you festival to the prince in the sacred environment of St. Paul's Cathedral on June 3. rice field. They were also found watching the Queen's annual birthday parade the day before.
Lillibet (whose name is a tribute to her queen because it was her prince's own childhood nickname) was her first birth during her family trip to Britain. Celebrated the day. To commemorate that opportunity, her tightly protected parents chose to publish the first solophoto of her daughterand "believed in countless birthday wishes. I was so impressed that I couldn't. " She was previously seen on her family's Christmas card last December.

This visit was Charles' first chance to meet her granddaughter, but it may also have been the first time the Queen met her great-granddaughter, from which her name came.

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Palace completes a review of Megan's alleged bullying process.

Buckingham Palace has revealed that the Duchess of Sussexhas completed a review of the processing of's allegations of bullying royal officials, but she is the result of an investigation. Refused to share. At a press conference to discuss the royal annual financial statements, Crown Finance Officer Michael Stevens said that a private companyhired to investigate the allegations completed its work. Said. Stevens said some recommendations had been made, but did not reveal the conclusions reached or the recommendations proposed in substantial detail. The reviews were done at private expense, so there was less pressure on the Crown to publish the findings. Senior royal sources said the palace was silent about investigations to protect the anonymity of those who cooperated. Click here for more information on this story.

Kate pays homage to the army on Army Day.

The Duchess of Cambridge thanked the army's "brave men and women" in a series of Twitter posts that acknowledged Army Day last Saturday. "Thank you and your whole family for making the sacrifice to keep us safe," the Duchess wrote. Kate recalled her first-hand experience with the British Army training new employees last year, andcontained some photosShe learned more about the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. He added that he was looking forward to it. Of course she is "before signing her tweet with a" C ".

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The Queen and her few senior royal families are in Hollyood Week, or Royal Week (also known as Royal Week). I landed in Edinburgh for. And it is no exaggeration to say that the prince has not eased it.

It's clear she's back in Scotland, she's out every day, she's just attending two Jubilee events in early June and she's nervous Royal Watcher Was very pleased.

Held annually from the end of June to the beginning of July, this week is an opportunity for sovereigns to recognize Scottish culture, achievements and communities. Brought out the best snaps in the last 5 days. Please see:

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Megan is Roev. I discarded Wade.

The Duchess of Sussex states that theUS Supreme Court misconduct decisiontells women "it doesn't matter." In a broad discussion of Vogue with American activist Gloria Steinem and journalist Jessica Jerin, Megan shared a story about how women are already at risk of their physical safety. I have. " She said that some people are traveling for surgery, but those without resources may try to do it themselves or procure medicine from unregulated pharmacies. Said. "Others who are pregnant and in a medical emergency will be at the mercy of doctors and lawyers to determine if they can take any steps necessary to save her life," the Duke said. Mrs. continued. "What does this tell women? It tells us that our physical safety is not important and, as a result, we are not." Meghan also said that this decision was ". "It's a blueprint to reverse rights," and "it's part of the reason people feel so scared, feeling like the tip of an iceberg," and then aloud what they want to the public. He called on them to turn their fears into action. Voting in elections, regardless of local, state, or national voting. "When you have anger, you have to direct that energy to something that makes a difference. That's activism. It's about how we appear," she adds. rice field. Read the full conversation here.

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