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Biden supporters pour millions into ad campaigns to promote new health, climate laws

President Biden and Democrats running in the midterm elections will be on track to expedite the passage of their bills in the coming weeks. are planning to spend With the enactment of climate change, health care and tax laws, political groups in several countries are pouring millions of dollars into advertising to boost campaigns and low presidential approval ratings, especially at party bases.  

Building Back Together (BBT) is an outside Bidenist organization launched by the President and his campaign team to advance policy priorities. will launch a new, specifically targeted $1 million advertising campaign on Thursday. Black and Latinx voters have seen their support for the president drop in recent months amid concerns about inflation and the direction of the economy. Although the new law is called the "Inflation Reduction Act," it does not directly address the root causes of inflation. American. 

 TVradio and digital advertising It will air in English and Spanish in media markets in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C., and plans to expand the campaign in the coming weeks, according to BBT. (For reference, the Spanish translation of the Inflation Reduction Act is la Ley de Reducción de la Inflación.) 

New Ads :

Cost Undo YouTube

This TV ad briefly outlines the basic pitches and contrast pitches the Democrats will be making to voters in the coming weeks. Lower prescription drug costs for millions of homes Lower healthcare costs for millions of homes Lower energy costs for millions of homes But MAGA politicians all voted against Special benefits I am on the side of the group. 

The subject of this digital ad is a black man who says to the camera: A Spanish-language radio ad also details what the law says. The group has now spent $35 million on similar ads since Biden took office, including also includes recent advertisements designed to persuade Congress to pass legislation. 

Where the BBT has these ads, it supports the president. Attempts to raise the morale and the president's handling of economic problems are critical to improving the Democratic Party's chances in several highly competitive election campaigns across states, particularly in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Black and Latinx voters rally Democrats in the final weeks of gubernatorial and Senate elections in Arizona and Georgia. 

Latest A CBS News Battleground Tracker poll found that 72% of black voters approve of the presidential job, while Latino voters are even more split, with 45% 55% opposed.Like voters overall, the president's approval ratings among black voters declined during his term.Biden's approval rating among black voters compared to recent Democratic presidents 's approval ratings are similar to those of Bill Clinton at this point in the presidency, but considerably lower than those of Barack Obama.

The low number of Latino voters is reflected in other national surveys, and is why Republicans actively support Hispanics, especially in the highly competitive Southern and Western House districts. 

Enrollments Like voters overall, these two voter groups gave the president the lowest assessment of inflation on the question queried, with only 26% of Latino voters doing so, and a majority of both groups agreeing that the national economy  

Building Back Together will vote in in February 2021. } 501(c)(4) started as a nonprofit advocacy organization and does not need to disclose donors.This type of social welfare organization is He can start a root campaign, do lobbying, and do election-related work, but legally he cannot be the main focus of the organization. BBT is primarily designed to help explain and defend the work of the Biden administration. This is a concern among many Democrats, especially Obama-era White House veterans. Biden says he failed to properly promote the benefits of the Affordable Care Act after it was passed months ago. In the 2020 midterm elections, the party suffered a record loss in Congress. 

Several other left-wing organizations are also advertising or planning to do so this week to help pass legislation on climate change and health care. The Third Way, a group that supports moderate Democrats, ran an ad this week thanking several Democrats, including Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kirsten Cinema. 

When the ads begin, it will also begin a more intensive official travel schedule for government officials designed to indirectly support Democrats in this fall's ballot. . The White House said this week that ministers will make more than 35 visits to 23 states to promote the passage of legislation and attend with Democratic lawmakers. will visit Ohio and Pennsylvania in the coming weeks to discuss climate change, health care, and bipartisan gun control and mental health bills. 

While we cannot coordinate our activities with outside political bodies like the BBT, our aspirations are similar: official events are held, likely to gain local news coverage, during advertising breaks or After the news coverage, I hope voters see and hear ads like the one mentioned here. 

Will it help turn the Democratic numbers around? stay tuned. 

Jennifer De Pinto contributed to this report.  

Ed O'Keeffe
Ed O'Keefe

Ed O'Keefe is a senior White House and political correspondent for CBS News based in Washington, D.C.

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