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The pro-life group reacts as the planned parent-child figures claim that the media distorts coverage of prochoisers.

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Prolife activists challenged the declaration of Kate Smith, CNN Sunday's planned parent-child relationship news content a "distortion of the facts" because the majority of Americans support legal abortion.

Brian Stelter, the host of "Reliable Sources," told Smith, who previously worked for CBS News, a 1973 court ruling, Roev. We asked him to comment on the split-screen coverage of individuals who supported and ridiculed the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Wade. Legalized abortion.  

"That 50-50 split. It's not really misleading. It's not really distorted," Stelter asked.  


People protest about abortion, Friday, June 24, 2022, outside the Supreme Court in Washington. 

People protest about abortion outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Friday, June 24, 2022.  (AP Photo / Steve Helber)

"Of course, Brian," Smith said. "It's a complete distortion of the facts we know about how people feel about access to abortion, especially the legality of abortion."

"To 10 Americans We know that eight people want abortion to be legal, "she said. "So when you put up that split screen, you can see that some people love it and some don't. It completely ignores the facts."

American 10 Eight out of people have approved legal abortion, but the "majority" also believes that there should be at least some restrictions on the procedure, a September 2020 Gallup survey found. ..

Former CBS reporter becomes the planned parent's "news content" director

Prolife activists are Smith's statistics surrounding The story also pushed back as her claim about the media. 

The Supreme Court building is barricaded following the Roe vs. Wade ruling. 

The Supreme Court building is Roe vs. Wade's ruling.  (Joshua Comins / Fox News Digital)

"The problem with such statements is that there are no follow-up questions 142} Abortion I didn't like Roe, despite the limitations of, "Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, told Fox News Digital. "Ending an innocent life isn't really a positive agenda, so cancellation isn't a ticket for Democrats from the election turmoil they created, and the Supreme Court is out of the way and lively. A past unsupported statement about so-called support for all discontinuances will take place. " 

Hawkins was commissioned by the Knights of Columbus in January. He pointed out polls and showed that at least 7 out of 10 Americans want to limit abortion. Polls show that 17% of Americans want abortion available at any time during pregnancy, while 12% should allow abortion only during the first 6 months of pregnancy. 22% said that abortion should be available only during the first 3 months of pregnancy, and 49% of Americans should or never allow abortion in rare circumstances. I answered no. 

Hawkins is a student of the Life's Demetree Institute for Millennial and Z Generation Pro Life Advancement Pole, 8 out of 10 voices about abortion He added that he found that he wanted to vote. "I gave power to the court, so I didn't offer it."


Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance said when the media was "collusion" withmisconduct coveragefor decades. I found it strange that Smith was probably complaining about distorted news coverage.

"It's funny that a planned parent spokesperson complains about news coverage. For almost 50 years, the news media has been part of the lie of abortion. A woman is her and her child. The worst choice you can make for, "Nance told Fox News Digital. "The majority of Americans know the truth and make a living. 71% believe in the limits of abortion, and in 1973 Roev. Wade became a law."

"Not only did the advocates of abortion support the media, but Planned Parenthood received billions of dollars from the federal government paid by hard-working Americans," continued Nance . “Government funding for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood needs to be terminated immediately. We are calling for more support for women in need. " 

Former CBS News reporter Kate Smith quit her job last year to speak out more forcefully on abortion rights. She recently joined Planned Parenthood on a full-time basis as its news content director. 

Former CBS news reporter Kate Smith left her last year to do a more powerful statement about her right to abortion. She recently joined the Planned Parenthood full-time as a news content director.  (Twitter)

Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric J. Scheidler quotes Smith's data from his group's own data. I also disagreed with my view. He said it was "just wrong" to claim that the majority of her claims were in favor of Roe's "system."

"All the survey data we have shows that Americans are deeply divided about abortion. About 20% at both ends of the spectrum are abortion Always says it's legal or should never be legal. The remaining 60% support some legal abortions and some restrictions, which Roev. Wade says. It includes many restrictions that are not allowed, "he told Fox Digital. "The Mississippi Act, which was endorsed by Dobbs's ruling banning miscarriage after 15 weeks, is actually more tolerant than the laws of most European countries and is endorsed by the majority of Americans. Claims that many support the miscarriage regime below Roe is simply false and fits both the actual polling data we have and the political movement to limit miscarriage in half of the American states. No. 

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Smith Ends CBS News In July 2021, she was able to speak more strongly about her right to abortion. She has been covering CBS's "suspended access" since October 2018. There she was criticized by conservatives for appearing biased.

"I'm no longer a reporter, so I can speak up about my opinion about reproductive rights," Smith tweeted about her decision. "I say this: access to miscarriage in the Midwest, with or without Roe v Wade, has disappeared in the South and Midwest for low-income women, and it's more or less radar. It's happening below. "

Smith did not respond to the request for comment.

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