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"Promama, Pro Baby, Pro Life": People at the Anti-Abortion Tournament celebrate the downfall of Rho and focus on the "long battle to come"

Atlanta (CNN)On Friday, attendees of the National Living Rights Conference spoke of a conservative author when the news was reported. Because of this, the conference room of the hotel was almost filled. Around 10 am

A cheer was heard from outside the room, and the man shouted, "Rho turned over."

Some people started applauding in the room, while others checked the phone minutes after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case.Right of the 1973 decision that stipulates access to abortion in the Federal Constitution. The session has derailed. The convention participants hugged each other and some were visibly emotional.

This weekend's annual convention moment for the largest anti-abortion group in the United States has achieved a victory that supporters have fought for decades through organization, lobbying and voting. It was expected that the court would overturn its historic ruling for a variety of reasons, but it was a very emotional day for people on both sides of the debate over access to abortion in the United States.

Many convention attendees who spoke to CNN after the decision said they had been involved in the anti-abortion movement for years.

Jessica Rogers, 33, talks to a group of teens who attended the convention, and she said "how historic it may be today" when she was sentenced. I explained. Rogers, vice president of the DC Metro Life Alliance, said her decision shed tears.

"We see this barrier that has endured all the decades that have prevented the state from taking the necessary steps to protect human life at all levels," she said. I told CNN on Friday.

Carol Tobias, chairman of the National Committee on Right to Life, said attendees "celebrate the rest of the weekend." (National Right to Life didn't provide attendance for this year's tournament.)

"We're all excited," Tobias told CNN shortly after the decision. "Of course, everyone here is erupting with tears of joy that this has finally happened."

Annie Carmichael, former executive director of Missouri's right to life, has been taken over by Law. I was in 5th grade when I was there. She said she has since done the work of her life to ensure that the decision is overturned.

"Because I'm here, it's very difficult to actually move my head," Carmichael said.

"Everyone here is overjoyed, but it's very emotional for everyone," Carmichael said. It's very important to us fortunately to be able to do so.

While the anti-abortion group celebrated, advocates of abortion expressed anger, disappointment, and fear of the court's ruling and vowed to fight back. "We are angry, and we are devastated," Rachel O'Leary Carmona, Executive Director of Women's March, said in a statement. "This is a nightmare and has fatal consequences for women."

Destiny Hahndon-De La Rosa, 38, founder and president of the anti-abortion group New Wave Feminist. ) Said that he was experiencing various emotions.

"It was a pleasure to recognize the humanity of the fetus, but it is so strange now that there was this deep pain for all the women in our country who are absolutely afraid. It was a contradictory cry. What does this decision look like to them? Because they have never actually seen the state step up and give something. They see things being robbed. "

Both Rogers and Hahndon de La Rosa said the movement should focus on helping women.

Proponents of the right to abortion warn that overthrowing Law cannot stop women from seeking or obtaining an abortion. And before the court ruling, 66% of Americans said they didn't want Roe to be completely overthrown, according toCNN's latest poll. Friday's court ruling does not make abortion nationwide illegal.

Herndon-De La Rosa said that if the demand for abortion is not met, more women will mail abortion medicines or have abortions across state borders. She actually dealt with the despair felt by a critical pregnant woman.

The Supreme Court withdrew the Roe v. Wade case, and the right to abortion is determined by the state unless Congress acts. Already, almost half of the states have or will pass legislation prohibiting abortion, but other states have enacted strict measures to regulate abortion. In at least seven states, state officials say they are now able to enforce abortion bans.

Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee expects more work to be done in the future.

"There is a long battle before us. Because of this decision, abortion cannot be illegal," she said. "Elected civil servants need to decide what the law will be at the federal and state levels. There is a lot to do, and we need to build a culture that promotes mothers, babies and lives. Yes, so I'm sure this isn't the end. "

Lindabel, chairman of the National Survival Rights Commission and chairman of the Florida Survival Rights Commission, felt on Friday. I shed tears when I explained that I was there.

"I can hardly speak," she said. "We have been waiting for this for 49 years, but finally the court has admitted their terrible decision to strip the state of life-saving ability."

She passed this ruling. He called it "a terrible, terrible decision correction."

"It's just amazing when you've fought for something for decades and it bears fruit," she told CNN.

Herndon-De La Rosa remembered that she was 16 when she became pregnant with her son. "The fear and fear when that second line appears is very effective and very realistic," she said.

She told CNN that the only reason she now has a 21-year-old son is, "I have medical insurance because I have a roof overhead, and she supports me instead of kicking me. Because I had a family. " Go out on the street "

" We must be the community and its families for those who are likely to be vulnerable to seeking abortion, even if they are no longer legal. " She added.