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Putin calls an obese general who retired to fight in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has a new heavy tank to help lead his army in eastern Ukraine.

After losing other senior officers since Russia invaded a neighboring country in late February, Russian dictators have been obese generals to support their own fighting in the region. Was retired. In the report.

According to London's Daily Star, a powerful new military hometown, identified only as General Pavel, 67, after a former commander was seriously injured in a cannon attack, is located in the area. You will lead a Russian special forces.

Senior intelligence sources tabbed "Mafia boss" Putin, calling on a general weighing an estimated 280 pounds to eat five meals daily, "scraping the barrel." Told. Rinse with at least 1 liter of vodka and need 2 sets of bulletproof vests to wrap around him.

The general is reportedly a veteran of the Russian war in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

"In Ukraine, most of [Putin's] best combat-enhanced senior commanders were killed or injured, so he relied on sending second-class officers to the front line that would not last too long. "Masu." Source told Daily Star.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Mikhail Metsel / Sputnik, Kremlinpool photo via AP

"He is now a general Retirement, and one of them is the general Pavel.

"Putin is like a mafia boss that no one can refuse to obey," sources said. rice field. "If a retired general receives a message from Putin that his mother Russia needs to fight in Ukraine, there is not much you can do.

" Thanks to sanctions, there is no escape from Russia. " Sources added, referring to the restrictions imposed on Russians by other countries in the world against invasion.

Reportedly, Pavel was a soldier for over 40 years, serving in Syria about five years ago and then becoming a commander before retiring.

He lived in the suburbs of Moscow before being sent to fight last month, the Daily Star reported.