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Putin counterattacks, saying Western leaders will look topless and "disgusting"

British Prime Minister: "If Putin was a woman, he would not have invaded Ukraine"

Moscow— Russian President Vladimir Putin says he looks "disgusting" when trying to emulate the appearance of his naked body. He counterattacked the Western leader who ridiculed his athletic ability.

Putin was asked about a western leader joking about him at theG7 Summitduring his visit to Turkmenistan early Thursday. Commented on.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sat down at the meeting, saying that G7 leaders were "tougher than Putin" in the tensions between Russia and the West over. He joked that he could take off his clothes to "show that." Moscow military action in Ukraine.

Russia Putin Topless
At that time, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rode a horse while traveling through the mountains of Russia's Siberian Tiva region (also known as Tuva). August 3, 2009.  Alexei Druzhinin / AP

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has his western leader publicly published a photo of Putin's naked torso. "Nude breast riding display" is one of the adventures of Canada.

Putin told reporters that, unlike him, Western leaders abused alcohol and did not play sports.

"I don't know how they wanted to undress, above or below the waist," he said. "But I think it's going to be a nasty sight anyway."

He said, "You need to stop abusing alcohol and other bad habits, exercise, and participate in sports to look good." There is. " 

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