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Putin's NATO commented that it was just an effort to "reconstruct" the failure of the Ukrainian invasion: Experts

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Recent comments from Russian President Vladimirputinare just after a tragic campaign in Ukraine, but comments from world leaders with nuclear weapons You should take it seriously, telling military expert Fox News Digital. 

"When Putin says something like this, all he does is really reinforce that [Russian] is not really responding to legitimate foreign threats. I think it is, "said the National Security and Foreign Policy Institute of the Heritage Foundation, Vice President James Carafano. 

Finland and Sweden have reversed their historically neutral position after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, explaining that Europe's "security situation" has changed. Turkey said it would not support the bids of either country to join the alliance. This would effectively prevent applicants from entering, as they would require full support from native members. 

  • Putin Russia

    Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs the National Transport Industry Conference in Sochi, Russia, on May 24, 2022, via a video link. I will serve.  (Sputnik / Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS-This image was provided by a third party.)

  • NATO Jens Stoltenberg

    NATO Secretary of State Jensstrutenberg answers the reporter's question during a press conference with Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the State Department of Washington on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. (AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin) (AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin)

  • Finland's President Sauli Niinisto

    File-Finnish President Sauli Niinistö holds a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Boris The issue is stated in Johnson, Finland, Presidential Residence in Helsinki, Wednesday, May 11, 2022. (AP photo / Frank Augustine, pool, file) (AP photo / Frank Augustine, pool, file)

However, Turkey on Tuesday said it would support biddingafter reaching. "Agreement has been reached that Finland and Sweden will pave the way for NATO," confirmed Secretary-General Jens Stortemberg.

Wednesday President Putin said Sweden and Finland could "advance" to join NATO, but if either country hosted the alliance's army or infrastructure, Russia would "in-kind." Correspond. " 

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"Unknown strategy You'll read anything that's right, because it's a completely ridiculous statement. " "I don't think you can really read anything strategic about it."

Carafano says it will take "months or years" to establish such an infrastructure. explained. Both countriesare already cooperating with NATO allies, even if they are not currently members. 

"Finland and Sweden have already cooperated and integrated with the US military, so if it is a NATO member country, what kind of deployment of outsiders like Russia to NATO territory The idea is that we can decide if we can deploy the infrastructure. It's just funny. " 

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"Man is pretty dictatorship He is a dictator and he has nuclear weapons and an army, so I never say, "Oh yeah, he'll never do that," Carafano added. "But looking at this consistent pattern of Russian behavior, they threaten all sorts of things-everything from implying a nuclear exchange to military activity-after all, all Russians are annoying." 

James Anderson, Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Trump, said after Putin had two neutralnations join the NATO Alliancethanks to the invasion. , In Ukraine who insisted that the face needed to be saved. 

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" See [Russian People] – and he is definitely afraid of them-his offensive actions in Ukraine have driven historically neutral countries to seek membership [at NATO]. "Anderson said. "In a strategic sense, Putin's invasion has reduced the security of Russia as a whole, not only because of the fact that the invasion was unsuccessful, but also because of the fact that NATO is now ready to grow. 

"Just look at the map to make sure [Sweden and Finland] is in a geographically important location on the north side. NATO is easier to work in the Baltic Sea. It will be the sea, "Anderson explained. "It will also complicate Moscow's Arctic strategy to some extent."

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"There is an east-west division within NATO: you have countries near the border, such as Poland and the Baltic states ... I feel the threat of Russian bears more directly," he said. I added. "Given that they are afraid of what Russia has done in Ukraine and what Putin might do in the future, I think both Helsinki and Stockholm are doing this. They are doing this in NATO Article 5. Want a guarantee-and who can blame them? "

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