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Putin conducts "economic terrorism" in Ukraine through mining operations: official warning

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Russian President Vladimirputinsaid he had "economic terrorism" in Ukraine by stocking farmlands full of explosive mines and ports in the Black Sea, Kyiv mines. Officials working on the removal told Fox News. 

"Ukraine has already been mining for over 20 years, and every day of the war requires another 30 days of mining," said Draganfly Inc, CEO of drone company. Cameron Chill said. He explained to Fox News (DPRO) when he returned from Kyiv.

Chill, in collaboration with Ukrainian emergency management services, deployed drones to efficiently detect buried mines left by Russian troops withdrawing from the area around Kieu in late March. 

Draganfly officials help Ukrainians detect landmines after Russian forces withdrew from Kyiv.

Draganfly officials are Ukrainians Helps detect mines after the Russians Army withdraws from Kyiv. (Draganfly Inc.)

ERNST adopts Putin to promote global demining in the Black Sea

However, drone experts say that Putin is angry against his former Soviet neighborwhen Russian troops leave the explosive device. He said he was saying a lot. 

"We were shown some fields where there seemed no reason to bomb. We were told that even real action in the area. There wasn't, "Chill explained. "The fact is that if you go and inadvertently bomb a hectare and a hectare, you can't use it. 

" It becomes unusable, unproductive land, and of some sort. It looks economical. Terrorism, "he added. 

The war in Ukraine lasted for more than four months. In April, Russian officialsMoscow's ambitions in Ukrainewas "to gain full control." In the eastern and southern regions, Kremlin officials said a month's worth of fighting. Later, this announcement was made only after the first failure to seize Kib.

Ground officials claimed that the war was more than regaining the former Soviet Union. Territory-Kyf

A tractor at work in Ukraine, which, together with Russia, made up 30% of the world's grain exports before the war.

At work tractor in Ukraine , Together with Russia, accounted for 30% of the world's grain exports before the war.(United Nations World Food Program)

Putin Push T OWARD RUSSIA, Belarus after NATO expansion

Chill said Ukrainians are firmly committed to dodging Russia's attacks.

" "Well, there's a very practical approach to what this really means next year, three, five, ten years," he said. "No one expected this to happen by Christmas.

" Morale is resilient, "Chill added. 

Russian mines deployed throughout Ukraine remain unknown, but by mid-May Ukrainian authorities had already discovered, recorded, and invalidated 80,000 in. Reported land minesand other explosives.

"Ukraine is now the most mined country in the world," Chill said.

Draganfly officials help Ukrainians detect landmines after Russian forces withdrew from Kyiv.

Draganfly personnel withdraw Russian troops from Kyiv After that, we will help Ukrainians detect land mines.(Draganfly Inc.)

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Draganfly's drone technology is not yet able to detect underwater mines, but the ability to locate and record mines is not only a safer way, but it can also speed up explosions. Up to 40% mining process by up.

Drone techniques are also being considered to nullify mines, but experts say the most effective way to remove the threat of underground explosives is to disable bombs individually. It is to train the staff.

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