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Queens City Council members didn't stop speeding through New York City despite pledges to 'do better'

The city council transportation chairman has been arrested for speeding three times in recent months despite pledges to "do better," it was revealed Wednesday. rice field.

Alderman Selvena Brooks Her Powers (D Queens) said in April that local news her site said she had 17 speeding tickets in 11 months. She promised to put the brakes on when she was spotted.

Despite her Brooks-Powers, 39-year-old telling Streetsblog after being accused of speeding, "I absolutely promise to do better" in April. 24th, June 23rd, July 22nd.

Brooks-Powers was found in April to have been caught speeding 17 times in 11 months, according to Streetsblog.
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Since then she has shown six times that she traveled around the city using different modes of transportation.

But an April report on Streetsblog told a different story — she got a double speeding ticket because she was out sightseeing in the city.

Nearly all of Brooks-Powers' violations occurred in her hometown of Queens, as of July 31 of this year. 27 people have died in car accidents.

The new City of York has dramatically increased the number of speed control machines over the last few years. The most recent was August 1,when the cameras went live on him 24/7.

City officials say cameras have reduced speeding — but skeptics remain, including lawmakers from New Jersey. commit a violation.

Brooks-Powers' driving record shows that in a 12-month period, she drove a vehicle with her ticket, speeding more than 15 shots of her camera, until the city obtained a driver of record. It qualifies for the "Dangerous Vehicle Mitigation Program" which allows it to be seized. safety course.

An official with the city's Department of Transportation declined to disclose whether Brooks Powers was enrolled in the program. It praised the cameras as part of a suite of deceleration technologies put in place to keep motorists, pedestrians and cyclists safe, but did not respond to a request for comment.