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The Queen, who has been rotten for days, triples the number of murder victims remembered as a close family

Three murder victims who were left corrupt fordays at the Queen's houseworked hard and cared for "good" on Sunday. Was remembered as a "quiet" family. each other.

Karlene Barnett, 55, and her 36-year-old son, Dervon Brightly , were stabbed to death at their home in South Jamaica on Friday, along with 22-year-old Varshanna Malcolm. My friend said it was Burnett's niece.

"They were a good family," scary ex-neighbor Sean Buchanan, 40, told the post on Sunday.

NYPD at the scene of where three people were found dead in a South Jamaica, Queens house last week.

"They were so badly killed." Said Buchanan. "That's what makes us crazy. That's how these people died."

Nate Richardson, 35, also mourns the deaths of his mother and son. He and Brightley, who everyone called Durb, said they had been close friends for many years.

"We experienced everything together. It was him and two other friends and we called ourselves the four horsemen. We all together. I did it, "Richardson told the post.

Karlene Barnett, 55, was found dead in the hours along with her 36-year-old son Dervon Brightly and 22-year-old neice Varshanna Malcolm.
Karlene Barnett, 55, died in a few hours with her 36-year-old son Dervon Brightly and a 22-year-old niece. Was discovered. Barca-longa Malcolm.

"He was all there for baby showers, childbirth, first car. I went to a school in Virginia and he came out there. "He said about Brightly.

Buchanan said Burnett, who worked in healthcare, was "always working." She was diligent. She was described by Richardson as "severe but compassionate."

"If there were rules, you obeyed the rules, but she always made sure that his skinny self was nourished," he was killed. I said about my mother and her son.

Richardson's wife Daniel, 33, said Brightley likes to make impressions and weird voices, and she added that the couple last spoke to him on Tuesday. ..

"He was professing his love for one of our childhood friends," said Daniel Richardson. "He was asking us to put in good words for him. He said," Daniel, you know I'm a good person. She will know. "

" All of us are trying to figure out how this animal took the three out, "she added.

Former neighbor Buchanan said he was surprised to hear that Brightley still lived at home, but "I understand the reason behind it. Of the family they were. Because it's a type. It's very intimate. "

As of Sunday, no arrest was announced for a brutal murder.

NYPD investigators believe that the body of the trio had been corrupt for days at a house on 155th Avenue in South Jamaica.

Neighbors and friends said Brightly and Barnett were a part of a "close" family.

Neighbors noticed a stink and tried to identify the source. He said he had failed.

"We sniffed this stink, but didn't know where it came from ... my husband called it 311", neighbor Mahmouda Zaman told The Post. "They came and inspected.'No violations. I don't know where the smell came from. And they left."

"Maybe because I thought it was my plant , I washed all the plants, but the smell was still coming. Two days later, the street was blocked by police. "

The bodies of the three victims were left rotting in the house for days before being found.

Zaman is the source of odors.

"I feel very sorry for them. Women once came to buy plants, two okra plants from me, but we didn't see them much," she said. Told. "Everyone around here thought that the stink was coming from their bodies. It's very terrible."