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R. Kelly was removed from suicide surveillance in Brooklyn Federal Prison

(CNN)According to a letter submitted by the prosecutor, R. on Tuesday morning. Kelly was removed from suicide monitoring after undergoing clinical evaluation. Federal court.

Disgraceful R&B artist put on suicide surveillance last week after being sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual trafficking and swaying. I was killed. Submitted on Saturday.

Kelly, 55, officially known as Robert Sylvester Kelly, has placed the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, its guards and unnamed employees, and the United States itself under suicide surveillance supervision. I appealed as. The document is displayed.

Kelly claims that "he was not suicide, but was put under suicide surveillance in the form of punishment," according to the federal government's response to his submission.

Prison lawyers should be dismissed because Kelly's allegations "do not show the potential for substantial success in bailouts," court documents indicate. According to court documents, the prison plans to put Kelly under suicide surveillance because it meets the criteria for Kelly to be under supervision.

The government claims that Kelly is asking the court to fine-tune the custodial sentence decisions that are left to the discretion of expert prison managers.

Kelly's legal action is controversial as he was removed from suicide surveillance, the prosecutor said in a letter. The letter also notes that Kelly will soon be removed from MDC and brought to justice in the northern Illinois district.

The US law firm in eastern New York refused to comment further on the situation.

CNN is seeking comment from Kelly's lawyer.

Jury trialconvicted Kelly of nine charges in September. Prosecutors in the eastern New York area take advantage of Kelly's celebrity status and "a network of people at their disposal to target girls, boys and young women for their sexual satisfaction." I accused him of doing it.
A five-week federal trial in Brooklyncontained testimony from witnesses who stated that they had been sexually and physically abused by Kelly. The court also coordinated the 1994 marriage of the shameful R&B singer and the late singer Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old and he was an adult, after believing she was pregnant. I heard from the people involved.

Kelly will be tried in August in Illinois on charges of federal child pornography and sabotage, and will be subsequently transferred to custody of the northern Illinois district, court records show.