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Raising a daughter after the Roe v. Wade incident, professional life equals a professional woman

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Last week, the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case and put the abortion law in the hands of the state. And just like that, I'm now raising two teenage girls in an era when many of us worked and prayed, but I didn't expect to live to actually meet. 

Currently, there are many reasons to be discouraged by all the uncertainties of our country, but this obvious victory in life is also a victory for women. It gives me all the reasons to be optimistic and hopeful for my girl's future as a mom. 

This decision empowers women to value their lives and their fetal lives. My message to my daughter is always: Pro life is a pro woman. 

Prolife Group, Church Sees Increased Violence After Supreme Court's Abortion Decision

My Girl , Their ultrasound pictureIncludes my eldest daughter's 3D ultrasound holding her hands together under her head as she sleeps. Almost 15 years later, she still sleeps in the same position. 

Technology is only advancing, not retreating. More than 10 years ago when I last had an ultrasound, my daughter-like image became clearer only with the introduction of5D and HD technology

Dobbs A few months ago, attacks on pregnancy centers surged since the decision was leaked. In my hometown of Virginia, the windows of the pregnancy center shattered and spray-painted a nasty gram to read "If abortion isn't safe, it's not safe."

My girl is old enough to see ultrasound pictures. Includes 3D ultrasound of my eldest daughter holding her hands together under her head as if she was sleeping. Almost 15 years later, she still sleeps in the same position. 

I'm very confused. I feel like I live in the world of upside down clowns. Pro-abortion crowds continue to scream about women's rights and the lack of help for women to give birth to babies. 

Courageous Supreme Court Abortion Rulings Make History

Still Pregnancy Centers — Approximately in the United States 3,000 — literally exists to help and support unplanned pregnant women who have an abortion. I know, I was volunteering alone. 

Theyultrasound, counseling, important resources, as well as medical care, housing, employment, social welfare, We provide an introduction to adoption.

But I don't think this is the kind of support thatabortion lobbyhad in mind when yelling about "women's rights." Their message is clear — unless you are the right kind of woman, they are life-threatening and destroy your property.

After the Supreme Court's decision on abortion, the movement of professional life is immortal

South Dakota Governor Kristi NoemIs a professional life = professional woman who understands it. She announced a state-wide initiative to come with her mother, saying, "Being a professional life also means getting the support that a mother needs to succeed. Launchhttp://Life.SD.govto provide resources to women. If necessary, you need to navigate pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and adoption. ”

Well done, Governor. 

Abortion is an antithesis of women's empowerment brought about by those who have spent decades on the brand as women's advocates and liberators. It is a false advertisement in the best condition.

Just last month, almost allSenate Democratsvoted for a fraudulently named "Women's Health Act" that allows abortion until delivery.There is a zero "" Protection "in progress in this scenario. 

RIP ROE: The Supreme Court's decision on abortion sets the stage for what the Pro Life Group will do next

They discuss "safe, legal and rare" abortion — very outdated — in exchange for on-demand abortion — for whatever reason.

Real women's empowerment advocates ending violence against women. Still, the very act of ending pregnancy is violence against the mother and fetus.

It's time to stop lying to my daughters. 

Pro-life crowd outside the court reacting to the SCOTUS decision.

An out-of-court crowd of professional life In determining the reaction SCOTUS. (Photo by Joshua Comins / Fox News)

As for the abortion lobby, it defends the extreme position of abortion until childbirth, but it is not. Because they know they can't. They know it can't be defended.

According to CBS polls, only 17 percent of countries agree that abortion is legal at any stage of pregnancy .

Why the Supreme Court's decision to abortion empowers women

Instead, they change the subject with horror tactics Trying to bleed hysteria, fear pornography, and melt down the spread of full-blown misreporting. 

Some of their favorites are: The Supreme Court will ban gay marriage, contraception, and interracial marriage.

Even at the young age of my girl, I'm with them because their friends have told me that now they want to make gay people illegal. I had to walk some of this nonsense.


What does any of these biases have to do with abortion? It's not a thing.

The Supreme Court's ROE decision requires a Christian response to abortion that must provide hope, not judgment

I often repeat, the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y. A version of my children from, "Everyone has the right to accept their opinions, but not their own facts."

Still, they persist.

Crowds outside the Supreme Court reacting to the Dobbs ruling.

Outside the Supreme Court in response to Dobbs' decision crowd. (Joshua Comins / Fox News)

Celebrities who are not familiar with personal responsibilities can use Bully Pulpit and all characters on Twitter to make sounds. Off in a busy Roe v. Wade case. Everyone wants to guess where the land of fall has come down.

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They act when they suddenly notice sex without a result card That's exactly what you expect. 

While attending the Glastonbury Festival in England, singer Olivia Rodrigo was out of control, "I'm devastated and scared. Many women and many girls will die. "And the song " f *** You ",Roev. Dedicated to a Supreme Court judge in favor of overturning Wade

, which is not really correct, but super-classy. 

Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen sang Allen's 2009 hit 'F--- You' to the Supreme Court Justices' following Roe v Wade decision

Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen are Allen's Push "F --- You" to the Supreme Court Judge following the Roe v. Wade decision that sang 2009(Joseph Okpako)

Twitter In the video, O.J. Simpson called the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case a "horrible decision."

O.J. I want to be on the side of any aspect of moral issues. Said enough. 

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The truth is important for my girl I know that. They will find that life is valuable and that their actions have consequences. There is no free will in life, there is free will, personal responsibility, consequences for life choices, and ultimately God's grace. 

And they will know that being a professional life is definitely a professional woman.

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