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Rare small tornado touches down just outside of Los Angeles

Shockwaves rippled across Los Angeles when a rare tornado touched down roughly 11 miles outside the city’s downtown Wednesday morning.

The twister ripped off the roofs of commercial buildings and sent debris circling into the sky, according to footage of the wild scene. The National Weather Service sent teams to assess the damage in Montebello and confirm a tornado hit there.

“It’s definitely not something that’s common for the region,” said weather service meteorologist Rose Schoenfeld.

One person was injured and they were taken to a local hospital, said a Montebello spokesperson. The person’s condition was unknown.

At least 17 buildings in the area were inspected and were 11 marked as uninhabitable, the fire department said. Several cars were also damaged.

A rare small tornado wrecked some warehouse businesses in the City of Montebello. No one was injured and several cars and business were damaged.
Ted Soqui/Sipa USA

“I’ve been in California since 1965. Never seen anything like this,” said Michael Turner, who owns a warehouse just south of downtown Montebello. “Earthquakes — we’re used to that.”

Lights began to flicker which sent him outside, joining some of his workers to check out the grim weather. They all quickly returned inside when the darkening sky appeared threatening.

“It got very loud. Things were flying all over the place,” Turner said. “The whole factory became a big dustbowl for a minute. Then when the dust settled, the place was just a mess.”

An aerial view shows roof damage.
Getty Images

One video shows the tornado in the distance as a man can be heard advising someone over the phone to stay in their office. Other footage shows light debris spinning in the sky.

Another video shows the aftermath where cars windows were blown out and some debris was strewn across a parking lot.

California has faced violent – and deadly – weather over the last few weeks, including heavy rain, wind and snow.

Five people were killed from the latest storm in the San Francisco-area this week. An on-duty city police officer was also critically injured when a tree fell on him during the San Francisco storm, the department said.

Strong winds in the area even forced a couch off a high rise balcony and onto the street, according to footage obtained by KPIX.

The powerful winds blew over trees and damaged cars.
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The weather service also sent assessment teams to Santa Barbara County Tuesday where it confirmed a tornado struck a mobile home park in the city of Carpinteria. Gusts reached close to 75 miles per hour and damaged about 25 homes.

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