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Ray Liotta's fiancé, Jacey Nittro, is "very fragile" a month after his death.

Ray Liotta's fiancéesent a moving compliment to the actor who died Thursday,a month after his premature deathHe described himself as "very fragile."

In herInstagram post, Jacy Nittolo recalls the time since Liotta died and wrote, "It's hard to believe that a month has passed."

Nittolo, 47, continues. "There is no word to properly explain what happened with this kind of unexpected loss. I miss him every second every day."

"Good fellas" stars and Nittolo, respectively, previously I had a married child. Liotta shares her 23-year-old daughter Karsen with his ex-wife Michelle Grace, and Nittolo has four children, sons Dax, Chazz, Jade and Joey.

Nittolo shared that being with her children was a great comfort to her throughout this period of loss.

"Every day, our children, Dax, Carsen, Chaz, Jade, Joey, have a hint of light," she writes. "Through so much pain, I find so much love and laughter."

Ray Liotta kissing Jacy Nittolo on the cheek in a selfie on a beach.
jacynittolo / Instagram

Nittolo concludes that she is very grateful for the "blended family".

"Our lives today are very fragile, but they support each other, as if we were one big mixed family destined to be unimaginable.

"Many Saints of Newark" starannounced his engagement with Nittolo on Instagram in December 2020, and his post "Christmas wishes." It will come true. "

Jade Nittolo, Jacy Nittolo, Karsen Liotta and Ray Liotta on a beach.
jacynittolo / Instagram

Liotta fell asleep on May 26 at the age of 67. He was in the Dominican Republic at the time to film the "Dangerous Sea" and was said to have revived the career of.

The unexpected death of a legendary actor shook Hollywood,many of his co-stars talked about his death. He continues to be remembered byhis workandhis family.