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Read the resignations of top British ministers Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak

Prime Minister,
It's deep to write to you to resign from the government It's sadness.

Serving our country as Minister of Finance is a great privilege and we are always proud of how we protected people's work and business through actions such as Farraf during a pandemic. ..

Leaving the ministerial post is always a serious problem. For me, who resigns as prime minister while the world is suffering from the economic impact of a pandemic, the war and other serious challenges in Ukraine are decisions I have not downplayed.

However, the public naturally expects the government to be done properly, competently and seriously. I realize this may be the job of my last minister, but I believe these standards are worth fighting, and that's why I resign.

I was loyal to you. I endorsed you to be the leader of our party and encouraged others to do so. I served as your prime minister, thanking me for letting me manage the country's economy and finances.

Above all, I respected the powerful mission given by the British people in 2019 and how they broke the Brexit deadlock under your leadership.

That's why I've always tried to compromise to achieve what you want to achieve. On those occasions when I personally disagreed with you, I publicly assisted you. That is the nature of collective government on which our system depends, and it is especially important that the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister continue to unite in the difficult times we are experiencing today.

Our country faces major challenges. We both want low taxes, a high-growth economy, and world-class public services, if we work hard, make sacrifices, and are ready to make difficult decisions. Can only be provided responsibly.

I firmly believe that the public is ready to hear the truth. Our people know that if something is too good to be true, it is not true. They need to know that while there is a way to a better future, it is not an easy way. In preparation for next week's joint speech on the economy, it became clear that our approach was fundamentally too different.

I'm sad to leave the government, but we reluctantly come to the conclusion that we can't continue this way.

Thank you.

Rishi Sunak

Sajid Javid

I Prime Minister, Minister of Health&Social I told him to offer my resignation as care.

It was a great privilege to hold this position, but I am sorry that I could not continue with a conscience.

— Sajid Javid (@sajidjavid)July 5, 2022