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Reproduce Matisse's "The Red Studio"

This is one of the groundbreaking paintings of the early 20th century. Henri Matisse's "Red Studio" is a depiction of his working room full of paintings, sculptures and even plates. His own production.

"The Red Studio" by Henri Matisse (1911). Oil on canvas. Museum of Modern Art, New York.© 2022 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

"He shares his world with you. He shares you. Inviting him to his private space, "New York's Museum of Modern Art curator Ann Temkin said he has a remarkable new exhibition. For the first time since Matisse created" The Red Studio "painting. Almost all the works depicted in are reintegrated.

Among them is the painting "Lux II".

Right: "Lux II" (1907-08) hung in Matisse's work room and introduced in his "Red Studio" .. "" CBS News / SMK – Copenhagen, National Gallery of Denmark. J. Lamp Collection. © 2022 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Also, "The Young Sailor II" introduced in "Red Studio". "It was made of young fishermen, so when you look at ['Red Studio'], the young sailor has no eyes or mouth. On the other hand, the picture has great eyes and mouth. He has done a little. It softened the presence of the young sailor in this painting, so it doesn't dominate it. It's like being in harmony with others. "

Inserts: "Young Sailor II" (1906), and "Cyclamen" (1911).  Metropolitan Museum of Art / Private Collection; Courtesy Andrew Strauss, Paris. © 2022 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Today, Matisse is regarded as a pioneer in the development of contemporary art. But when he created this painting in 1911 at a newly built studio in Issy-les-Murlinault, on the outskirts of Paris, his work was not universally admired, even within the art community. did.

"It's hard to worry about how much an artist like Matisse was cursed and despised at the age of 40, 100 years later. Almost impossible. "Temkin said.

In fact," The Red Studio "was commissioned by wealthy Russian Sergei Iwakin, who collected other Matisse works. But when he saw it, Temkin said, "He didn't understand what this flat painting was. What were these elements that seemed to have no background or foreground? And he rejected the painting. "

Still, Matisse believed in this work and exhibited it for sale at several exhibitions, including the famous 1913 New York Armory Show. Purchased at a nightclub in London in 1927, and finally in New York, MoMA purchased it for $ 29,000 about 20 years later. Today, Temkin said it is considered valuable.

For the first time since Henri Matisse created the 1911 painting "The Red Studio", almost all the works in the painting have been recreated. It was integrated. At the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.CBS News

As the analysis in the museum lab shows, "Red Studio" wasn't always red. Below you can see the layers from previous versions with orange, pink, and blue sections that were applied before Mathis decided to overlay everything in red.

"Did he do it impulsively? Was it really hard for him over the first few weeks?" Temkin said. "But if he did that, he couldn't go back."

It took almost four years to track all these works in the painting. One of the cyclamen plants is owned by a private collector and has not been published since 1965.

When asked if it was easy or difficult to convince the owner to lend to the show, Temkin said, "We were very lucky. There was an immediate agreement. In other words, if there was one "no" at this exhibition, the whole concept would have collapsed. I am very grateful to everyone who came. Riding "

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A story created by Sarah Kugel. Editor: Chad Cardan.

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