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The Red States recovered faster from the COVID pandemic than the Blue States: Report

Republican-run states such as Florida, Texas, Utah, and Carolina are from a pandemic compared to democratic states where residents and businesses leave. Enjoyed a rapid economic recovery. Reportedly for low tax shelters.

According to federal data, the red state ofhas increased its proportion of total US employmentsince February 2020, a month before the coronavirus pandemic began. Indicates that you are doing. journal. The

journal cites statistics from the Brookings Institution, which found that Republican-run states have added 341,000 jobs in the last two and a half years.

During the same period, the blue states lost about 1.3 million jobs.

Moody's Analytics also analyzed migration data that found that 46 million people had moved to different zip codes during the year that began in February 2021.

The states with the largest increase in net immigrants were Florida, Texas, and North Carolina. Each voted for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the last two elections.

Florida saw a massive population spike thanks to migration from Democrat-leaning states.

The state that lost the maximum number of residentsCalifornia, New York, and Illinois are all governed by the Democratic majority legislature and the Democratic Governor.

Analysts said this transition could be explained by the need for remote work due to office closures and the spread of the coronavirus.

Employees who are no longer tied to cubicles move to states that boast warm climates, cheap housing, declining population densities, and lower living costswhile continuing to work in remote areas. can.

Prior to working from home, employees were drawn to the location of the company's office. However, the pandemic gave workers a choice of places to live, leading to large-scale migration from large coastal cities.

Shoppers browse stores along the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
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Researchers have found that people are in the area where it resides. I found that I was also willing to move. It was cheaper to buy a house.

According to the American right-wing think tank, housing in the 10 states that attracted the most transplants from the blue states is 23% cheaper than the 10 states that lost the most inhabitants. Enterprise Institute.

The income tax rate for the 10 states with the highest number of immigrants is 3.8%, while the income tax rate for the 10 states with the highest number of residents is 8%.

There is no income tax in the four states that have acquired residents (Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Nevada).

Employees not only leave for Sunbelt, but their bosses follow them.

Companies are also moving from the blue states to the red states to take advantage of lower taxes.

Tennessee, which has attracted businesses from high-cost states, saw its economy grow 8.6% last year, the highest growth in the country. As a result, the state experienced the lowest unemployment rate in history at 3.2% in April.