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Reince Priebus in Biden's Blame Game: "He lives in his own fantasy world."

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Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus attended "Hannity" on Thursday to discuss the Democratic Party's medium-term strategy with the January 6 Commission.

REINCE PRIEBUS: 100%,As everyone knows when Republicans are kicked off the committee by Nancy In addition, the decks were piled up early on Pelosi. But look, Democrats are looking for unicorns that can be found to save them from the dead, whether on January 6th, abortion or guns. This is Joe Biden'ssecret life. As you pointed out, he is alive,he lives in his own fantasy world and you spelled it. 

Gabbard on President Biden's Kimel Interview: He lives in a "fantasy world"

Talking Gas Price – It'sBecause of Vladimirputin, all the enforcement orders he signed that you spoke a million times Forget, abortion-they say they're going after the next gay marriage, and today's inflation, so other parts of the world are making it much worse. A quick Google search reveals that Canada and Mexico'sneighborshave actually lower inflation rates than the United States. You see, they have to change the story. People aren't happy and they can't win the election when you're not happy, so they're grasping everything they can find.

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