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Animal altruism: friendship in the animal kingdom

New Jersey The lush pine barrens of the southern part of the state are located on completely different types of farms. Amazing Funny Farm is a non-profit animal sanctuary created by Dr. Doo Little, Laurie Zareski, New Jersey.

All animals here are rescue, abuse, abandonment, and disability. Zareski has healed and protected more than 600 animals over the last two decades, from retired racehorses to noisy roosters. "We have 115 roosters," she said. And it sounded like that.

Emu and airplane geese are inseparable. CBS News

Correspondent Lesley Stahl said, "I've never been here and never heard of Fanny Farm. How would you explain it for people? That. "

" I am a heaven on earth, especially for animals. I say, "said Zareski. "And for people, when they go through the gate, they can feel peace of mind and harmony, because they are all friends here.

" My mother was the original funny farm. Had, and she said it was full, worthy of animals and fanatics. "Zareski laughed.


She is her book"Interesting Farm: My Unexpected Life with 600 Rescue Animals ”(McMillan), here is a lesson for our polarized, mutual throat society. Funny Farm lives in harmony, no matter how different. It's not the Bible story of a lion lying with a lamb, but as the friendship progresses, this bond between Emily Emu and a goose named Airplane (due to her injury) Zareski said, "That goose. Is always and everywhere. "

"Do you know why geese love Emu?" Stahl asked. 

"Maybe he likes bigger women. I don't know," Zareski laughed. So, at some point we don't know, she may have protected him. And he thought, "This is my guardian and I will be with her." Lorenzo. Jessro's former companion, the horse, died, and Jessro was in mourning (according to Zareski): 

"This poor man was so sad that he was suffering. Lorenzo came and they tied themselves together. They just found each other. That is, the two are a very strange couple. 283}CBS News

An even stranger couple might be Stair's Yogi and Alpaca's Cooper.}

Today's adorable pair, but two years ago, the long horns of Yogi happened to be. A hole was made on the side of Cooper. Zareski said, "When I tried to take Cooper to the hospital, Yogi was definitely surprised. He cried. He went," MOOOOO. " It broke my heart. You know,'Where are my friends? Where did you take me?

Stahl said, "Are they really losing them? Are you attributed human emotions to your animals? You are making it up."

"I absolutely think they miss each other," she said.

"But it was sad."

"I think he was sad. Of course. People say they have no emotions. They haveemotions. "

" But scientists complain ... "

" Scientists, scientists. "Zareski laughed. "What do they know? What do they have in the backyard?"

Jennifer Holland is one of a series of unlikely bestsellers"Yes. A collection of dozens of unexpected animal love stories in "Unexpected Friendship"(craftsman). Her favorite couplings are dogs and dolphins playing underwater together.

"One of my favorites is an iguana with a cat," she said. "The fact that an iguana isn't just snuggling up with a cat, but letting it play with his tail, licking him, and sharing his food. That story really makes me smile."

From "Impossible Friendship: 47 Notable Stories from the Animal World" by Jennifer S. Holland (craftsman)

In the process of writing her book, a former National Geographic staff member asked a few questions. Can you understand why this happens? [I] When I started looking into it, I realized that we really didn't have one answer. Because there are so many different contexts, so many different animals. It would be very difficult to do a rigorous investigation and explain what is happening.


But with some friends , It may be an instinct for pets, like a human desire for a kitten. "Some of them may be just a little bit of their parents' instincts.

The zookeeper keeps an orphan baby with a mother of another breastfeeding species. Stahl asked the Netherlands if there was a need for protection, such as a geese or an emu bodyguard. An example of an animal instinct: "Even if you are a blind animal, another animal is a kind of sight dog. May be just a bodyguard and a helper, protecting the animal, showing where the food is, "Holland said.

And when animals meet when they are young, anything is possible. The Netherlands talked about unusual friendships, including lions, tigers, and b. He became a companion from three predators who were found as babies in the basement of an ear and drug dealer and brought to the sanctuary of a lifelong companion animal. "They were companions. These are three animals that we never meet in the wild. And they happen to find something positive about each other and join us together.

”These animals are cared for, so they are not competing for food and are not stressed. And they have this luxury of interacting with other animals.

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my. Jennifer S. From "Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom" by Holland (Workman),

Laurie Zaleski states, "When you feed them, they win." increase. She has 35 animals in my house and doesn't eat each other. "I have 10 dogs, about 20 cats, and a bigger cocatoo than all of them together." It's like Noah's Ark. " 

" Animals It was Noah's job to save him, "said Stahl.

"I'm the Bible," Zareski laughed.

Two Residents of Laurie Zareski's House CBS News

More information:

  • Funny Farm Rescue, Mays Landing, N. J. {2 31} "Funny Farm: My Unexpected Life with 600 Rescue Animals" by Laurie Zaleski (Macmillan), Hardcover, Ebook, Audio Format, Amazon {223 Available from}, Burns&Noble and Indie Bound
  • "Impossible Friendship: From the Animal Kingdom" 47 Notable Stories of " Jennifer S. AmazonBarnes & Noble and Indie in trade paperback and eBook format by Holland (Workman) Bound

A story created by Richard Badenhagen. Editor: Mike Levine. 

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