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Rep. Jamie Ruskin defends Hutchinson's January 6 testimony

Trump may face legal risks after testimony

U.S. Congressman Jamie Ruskin, a Democrat of the House Select Commission investigating the January 6 raid on the Capitol, is a former White House aideCassidy Hutchinson {82. } said he realized that he was a "100% reliable witness." , "And anyone who disagrees with her is advised to testify under her vow. 

"Mr. Hutchinson made her vow and testified in front of millions of people," Ruskin said. "We've only heard anonymous reports that someone disagrees with it. Anyone who has evidence related to our investigation will go ahead and take a vow to testify. I recommend it. "

Ruskin interviewed Scott McFarlane, a CBS News parliamentary correspondent,Hutchinsonformer President Donald Trump. He said on Wednesday the day after he testified that he knew some of his supporters. That day he was armed near the Ellipse and nevertheless wanted the metal detector to be removed. Hutchinson also rushed from Anthony Ornart, the top agent of the secret service, to the presidenttrying to steal the steering wheel, and to Bobby's head, which is the details of the secret service. I testified that I was told that I had done it. Engel, when his request to go to the Capitol on January 6 was denied. 

Sources close to secret servicessay Engel and drivers are ready CBS News{ To testify under the vow that neither person was physically attacked or attacked by Trump and the former president never rushed into the steering wheel of the vehicle. .. 

Hutchinson's lawyer said on Wednesday that Hutchinson "supports all the testimonies he provided yesterday." Ruskin said on Wednesday that he had not heard anything inconsistent with Hutchinson's testimony. 

Ruskin said that much of what Hutchinson had said to the Commission was "not at all disputed."

"For example, a truly important and central claim has never been challenged," Raskin told CBS News. "When she told us that Donald Trump knew there were armed people-and he complained that they were locked out of the main crowd in his rally because of the metal detector. Had-and he wanted his people to get the metal detector out, he could get in because they didn't mean to hurt him, and he was these people I wasn't afraid — it's an extraordinary revelation, and they don't even challenge it or anything else she said. ”

The Commission continues to hear in July. Will be done.   

"I can tell that she is a completely reliable and incredible witness," Ruskin continued. "She repeated the story, according to someone else's interpretation, could have some flaws, but that's the purpose of the investigation process: we're not in court." I'm trying to prove all these facts. We are trying to bring in all the witnesses so that the whole country can come together and make a decision. But I found her to be a 100% reliable witness. ""

Kathryn Watson

Catherine Watson is a political reporter for CBS News Digital based in Washington, D.C.

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