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Liz Cheney loses Wyoming primary to pro-Trump challenger

Jackson, Wyoming — Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyoming Republican) is the Republican House leader and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who was exiled in theRepublican primary Tuesday night, NBC News Project.

Former President Donald Trump's name was not on the ballot, buthis shadow sought revenge for Cheney's vote last year The President'scommission to investigate his actions leading up to the January 6th Capitol Raid. His hand-picked challenger, Harriet Hageman, defeated Cheney in the multi-candidate race. However, she was also given a high position, a huge funding profile, and respect from some Democrats who cursed her father. The image — which has fallen out of favor domestically andher profile increased nationally — raises questions about whether she will pursue the presidency or slip into another role to keep her. The forefront of the bipartisan anti-Trump group.

Cheney is the last Republican to lose to a major Trump-backed challenger after voting for his impeachment. Four of the ten have chosen to retire, three have already lost the primary election, and two have survived the primary. In his one of these two contests, Trump did not endorse the challenger.

No one could confuse Cheney for a Trump-style populist at her party on election night Tuesday.

Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Teton Mountains. Held on a sprawling ranch, Cheney's was a disproportionately urban affair complete with country bands, beer and wine bars, barbecue trucks and fresh fruit plates.

An attendant parked the car for the guests and moved it to a set of black-clad tables covered by a tent in a four-door all-terrain vehicle. Her truck, a gleaming red antique Chevrolet, was parked next to a stage set aside for her remarks.

Cheney was first elected to the House seat once held by her father in 2016. She was quickly tagged as a rising star due to both her father's legacy and her experience as a senior State Department official. Ability to convey political messages powerfully and concisely.

In just her second term, she took command of her GOP meeting, where the Republican Party was in the minority and her third position in the Republican Party. But January 6th and its aftermath became a political breaking point for Cheney, who soon turned against Trump and fellow House Republican leaders. , fell as fast as it rose in Wyoming and Congress.

Cheney's vote to impeach Trump in January 2021 alienated many of her fellow Republicans, who make up her three-quarters of the state's registered voters. In May of that year, Republicans in the House of Representatives removed her from the chairmanship of her convention, citing her continued criticism of Trump and his supporters in Congress.

She joined her January 6 committee and used her position as vice chair to denounce Trump for his illegal and unconstitutional efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. culminated in a move away from the Republican-dominated regime dominated by Trump. In the attack on the Houses of Parliament.

Her position against Trump, where she won the 2020 election by a 43 percent margin against her, made it impossible for her to capture the attention of Republican voters.

Given Wyoming's entrenched Republican make-up, Hageman has overwhelming support in the general election. Three Democrats were vying for the party's nomination on Tuesday, but that primary is premature. The endorsement is notable because she had reservations about him in the past. She vehemently opposed his candidacy in 2016, expressing concern that the party would rally around "racist and xenophobic," the New York Times reported last see Trump differently as "the greatest president of my life."

Elsewhere on Tuesday, Alaska has three of her races with national significance. In

states' bipartisan Senate primaries, four candidates will advance to her November general election, determined by ranked votes. Trump has accused Kelly Tzibaka over incumbent Senator Lisa Markowski, who angered Trump after she voted to convict him in the second impeachment trial following the Jan. 6 riots. Support and show your presence. Both are scheduled to be voted on in November.

Meanwhile, a political revival by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rests on two elections. She is one of three candidates in a ranked selective special election to fill the remaining months of the late Rep. Don Young's term with state mass seats. And she's participating in a multi-candidate primary, which will send the top four vote-getters to her November general election to determine the winner of her two-year term representing the constituency.