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Rep. Mike Turner calls for FBI briefing on Mar-a-Lago attack: 'very skeptical'

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Ohio State Parliamentarianis seeking an answer about the FBI's assault on the estate of former President Trump on Monday morning.

Sources have told Fox News that the FBI has executed an investigation warrant to find documents allegedly moved to Florida after leaving the White House in January 2021. Supporters of the former president also saw at least one member of the House Intelligence Commission.

Republican Rep. Mike Turner wrote toFBI Director Christopher Rayrequesting an "immediate" briefing on this issue.

Trump talks about Mar-a-Lago's house "under siege" in Florida by FBI agents

Donald Trump leaves NYC post FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago resort.

Donald Trump is the FBI at the Mar-a-Lago resort Leave New York after the investigation. (Felipe Ramales / Fox News Digital)

"I am the actual or alleged nation caused by the information, data, or documents I have. I don't know the security threats of former President Trump. "

"Parliament deserves an immediate response from you regarding the actions you ordered," continued Rep. Turner. "I hereby request your immediate briefing from members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence regarding thenational security threatused to justify your decision.

The Republican slum "WEAPONIZATION" of the Justice Department after Trump's Mar-a-Lago attacked by the FBI. DEMS CALLIT'Accountability'

Ranking member Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio during the House Select Intelligence Committee in March 2022.

R-Ohaio State Parliamentarian Mike Turner at the House Select Intelligence Committee in March 2022.(RollCall, Inc via Tom Williams / CQ-Getty Images)

"I am very skeptical that this is something other than political motivation. That's right, "a parliamentarian tweeted on Monday night. "There is reportedly a serious question about the unprecedented FBI investigation seeking confidential material from themansion of former President Trump ."

For each protocol , FBI Director Ray was aware of the attack and would have given a complete explanation of it.

Aerial footage of police stationed outside of Mar-a-Lago during FBI raid.

Mar-a-stayed outside Police aerial footage Lago under FBI investigation. (WFOR)

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Concerns about the former president's documents were referred to the Department of Justice by the National Archives and Records Administration. Authorities claim to have found materials classified into 15 boxes of dwellings.