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Congressman Mondea Jones was blown up as a "carpetbagger" by a new neighbor in Brooklyn

Mondea Jones' new Brooklyn neighbor on Monday about the "Carpet Bagger"broadcast  he burns the country He smoked about when storming and won the Democratic Primary Association. This is the planned multi-state "mission" he revealed, even before moving to the area he was trying to represent.

After the current seats cover most of Rockland County and part of Westchester, Jones decides to run for the newly reconstructed 10th Parliamentary District. , Moved to Brooklyn in early June. From Manhattan to Park Slope, Carol Gardens and other parts of Brownstone Brooklyn.

But before hiring a mover or renting a truck, a former Whiteplanes resident in a podcast, spread the town on the Democratic agenda after the August 23 contest. I made it clear that I would leave.

"If you want to get involved, you have to stay there and witness," Joa Kinsoto, 47, a neighbor of Carol Gardens Jones, told Post. "If you really want to help the community, you can't do it remotely. It's just horrifying."

Soto, who has lived on Union Street for 12 years, has a representative. He emphasized that spending time on missions is essential. Otherwise, it indicates that the politician is "taking care". Their own agenda.

"If you want to contribute to the community, you have to attend. It doesn't make sense," said Soto, a former engineer. "It's irresponsible, it's someone taking care of their own agenda."

the home of Mondaire Jones the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn.

"They don't think of us — ordinary people" Nelson Martinez, owner of a store on Court Street near Carroll Park, hears about Jones' past and planned whereabouts. Said.

Martinez, 63, said that legislators who establish and maintain a presence in the region are "the only way to care about their neighborhood."

Post reported on Sunday that Jones had peach state in mind before moving to Big Apple. A freshman legislator reportedly interviewed himself on May 31, a week before his representative said he moved to Brooklyn . Declared to use the role appointed in in as a "leader". He seeks to boost Democratic candidates in Georgia, Arizona, and elsewhere after the Primary.

Charles Cole (left) gave is opinion about Mondaire Jones giving up his westchester congressional seat to run in the 10th congressional district in Brooklyn.

is over, go to the state where the Voter Suppression Act was enacted , Educate people on how to navigate those new laws. ” He told Preet Bharara in a podcast episode Release June 2nd.

The interview was recorded when I moved to Brooklyn 7 days before June 6th. According to the story of the New York Times , he quoted his person in charge.

According to an interview, Jones was preparing to cross the country before carrying his belongings to Carroll Gardens' apartment. According to the city's Election Commission records, he registered for the vote on June 13, and the post found him on Monday.

Arnie Segarra, a political consultant who lives in West Village, expressed unequivocal opposition to Jones’ candidacy.

Jones — 35-year-old first house member in May, Announced the exchange from the suburbs to 5 wards. He explained to a former federal prosecutor that supporting fellow Democrats in other states was an important element of his "project as a political leader in the United States."

"Not only is it enacting a law, it's not my view of work," he said.

A campaigner advocating post-Primary Travel has previously told the post: Yorker does everything he can. Yes, it involves helping protect the Democratic majority of the House and Senate.

But the Brooklyns didn't buy it.

"I'm not crazy about it," said Charles Cole, a 65-year-old Parkslope resident.

"[Bill] About all the shortcomings of Debrasio — I'm not a big fan of Debrasio — but he knows Park Slope," he said. "He lived here forever."

61-year-old deBlasio— after stayed at the hotel last month Returning to Park Slope His house has been refurbished — Manhattan-more than 12 candidates trying to represent the lower seats of the Brooklyn House Is one of the people. In August, along with Jones and De Brasio, Parliamentary woman Yuh-Line Niou and councilor Carlina Rivera are vying for a Democratic nomination. 23 Primary election.

Jones told the post, "I'm not really on my radar," while the stock broker Cole was considering who to vote for later this summer.

"He's not the one I vote for anyway," he said. "I'm not crazy about the idea that someone moves to the area for a position."

"I need to look up a list of 15 or more candidates, but he's my It's not in the top five, "Cole added. "You must know the area."

The former White Plains resident revealed on a podcast he will leave town to spread word about the Democratic agenda after the Aug. 23 contest.
Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call / Shipa U

For those who refused to nominate Fifth Avenue in their thirties, living in the area for two months is enough to represent Jones in the House of Representatives and question Jones' intentions. Said not.

"I think he should be in the community," he said. "He didn't move to Brooklyn to live in Brooklyn. He moved to Brooklyn to run."

"I don't vote for him who knows it," Park said. Residents of the slope added. "It seems very illogical and opportunistic."

Defending the post-primary traveling, a campaign rep previously told The Post, "As Rep. Jones has shown by crisscrossing the district and all of New York City, he is on a mission."
Rod Ramkey – CNP

His partner, who refused to be identified by name, lamented, "He seems to be using New York for his infamous [and] career."

"It doesn't look good," she added. "I won't vote for him."

A 38-year-old woman enjoying her vacation in a small park on July 4th explains: They know what the locals want.

A 19-year-old Brooklyn resident currently living in Parkslope predicted that her politically connected neighbor would not tend to support Jones next month.

"Park Slopers, the level of education here is like college," she jokingly said. "They intend to do their research."

Jones gave up his congressional seat in Westchester and moved to the 10th congressional district to campaign for US representative in Brooklyn.

"Believe Please, Park Slopers are quiet, but they research. "

Lower Manhattan's New Yorker was skeptical as well.

Arnie Segarra, a political consultant living in West Village, has expressed clear opposition to Jones' candidacy.

"He's a carpet bagger. He's smart but he can't win. I think it's a shame he moved to an area with very good candidates," he said in Demo Square. I sat on the bench and told the post.

Segara, a special aide to Mayor David Dinkins, said he had no negative feelings about the Nyack natives of the Big Apple suburbs, but a few miles away from the present. He questioned the wisdom of competing in the race. Component.

"I like him. He's a smart guy and he has a decent voting record because I understand," said the 80-year-old. rice field. "From one district ... to another district with good candidates ... that's my problem here."