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Researchers reveal how you can lose weight by doing just one thing

International researchers have discovered that restricting your diet between 7 am and 3 pm can lead to weight loss and lower blood pressure. rice field.

In a randomized clinical trial of 90 obese adults in the United States, those who ate only during the restricted period lost about 5 pounds in weight compared to those who ate more than 12 hours. I found out that I did.

I also lowered my blood pressure for 14 weeks.

"Therefore, eTRE (early time-limited diet) interventions may be effective treatments for both obesity and hypertension," the authors said.

"It also improves mood by reducing feelings of fatigue and depression, boosting vitality, and those who can stick to eTRE lose more body and core fat.


"But eTRE did not affect most fasting cardiovascular metabolic risk factors in the main treatment intent analysis."

Trial from August 2018 to 2020 It was carried out during April of the year.

The randomized clinical trial of 90 obese adults in the United States found that people who only ate during the period cut off more weight.
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Participants are obese, 25-75 years old, Alabama He was an adult who received weight loss treatment through the Weight Loss Medicine Clinic at the University of Birmingham Hospital.

"Data suggest that eTRE is viable, as participants adhered on average 6 days a week and most participants adhered to at least 5 days a week." The author states.

"Despite the challenge of navigating evening social activities and vocational schedules, eTRE compliance was similar to that of other TRE interventions ... and satisfaction was similar between groups.

“In addition, we found that eTRE was acceptable to many patients. Approximately 41% of those who completed the eTRE + ER group continued to practice eTRE after the study was completed. I was planning. ”

However, the authors said that larger trials were needed to see if they were particularly suitable for reducing fat.

"Future clinical trials have a much larger sample size (up to about 300 people) to determine if IF (intermittent fasting) affects body composition and cardiometabolic health. Participants) must be registered, "said the author.

"Future studies will investigate whether the timing and duration of meal times affect these results, and benefit from those who can comply with eTRE and other meal timing interventions. You need to determine who can't get it and instead benefit.

"eTRE interventions are a low-cost, easy-to-implement approach to improving health and treating illness. Further testing is needed. ”

The authors also stated that their study had some limitations.

"Our study has a modest period, mainly enrolling women, and because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it does not reach the intended sample size, etc. There are some restrictions, "they said.

"Also, measuring physical activity by self-reporting rather than accelerometers may have limited ability to detect differences in physical activity between groups.

" Last In addition, we measured cardiometabolic endpoints only in the fasted state. Future studies should investigate postprandial conditions or 24-hour glycemic endpoints. ”