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Revelers kicked out of Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' celebration

Queen Bey and her king, Jay-Z, were the perfect royal couple at the reception of her new album, Renaissance, at the Times Square EDITION over the weekend. Their courtiers went on a rampage.

"Beyoncé was very nice to everyone, having [the conversation] and thanking everyone for participating," a source says.

But despite the extremely tight list, trendy surroundings, and hospitable hosts, some guests were still kicked out for bad behavior. was kicked out for being drunk and stupid," says our insider. It is said that "they didn't know how to act."

More people were ejected "to record a video," sources said. They said "security put tape over people's phone camera lenses at check in".

(Beyoncé is notoriously strict with her image control. In 2018, Page Six reported that the superstar's publicist asked the media not to publish photos ofCoachella fans. EmailedInstead, use only approved shots, her publicist attempted to remove unflattering images of her from the internet in 2013

Donald Glover
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Beyoncé shared photos of her arrival at the party and No. 1 posted other photos showcasing her silver outfit, including a beaded purse with the album's name and release date written on it.

Her mother, Tina Knowles, posted a photo of Destiny's Child members Michelle Williams, Lena Waithe, Beyoncé's stylist Ty her hunter, and Lara of her party Anthony.

Donald Glover in a chest-bearing unitard was also present, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jill Scott, Telfer Clemens and Tyler Perry.


Work, sometimes family time, all-night sessions, working when sick, weekends, and Raise three children.

She also said, "I've seen time away from my very supportive husband, blood sweat and tears."

At an event dubbed "Club Renaissance" We played the new album non-stop all night long." And a space decorated with neon signs of song titles and lyrics.

Questlove tweeted: Renaissance from start to finish she played three times. ..I have never seen anything like this.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z also attended Kendrick Lamar's party at Dumbo House this weekend, where rapper "Swimming Pool (Drunk)" performed and "Men A groupie” kept trying to get closer to Bey and Jay. Z, say the sources.