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Rhode Island Senator Tiara Mack twists upside down to vote

She is working overtime for your vote.

Rhode Island Senator has been ridiculed for posting a campaign video that twists upside down in her barely bikini.

Democratic Tiara Mack, 28, usedher official district TikTok pageon July 4 to make her loot while headstand on the beach. I posted her cheeky clip to shake the item.

"That donkey, that donkey, that donkey!" Before Mack in a skimpy yellow bikini turned to the camera and begged "Please vote for Senator Mack." You can hear someone saying it brilliantly.

State Senator advertised this clip as "The Promised Senator Thirst Trap on Block Island 😈".

It was posted on a costume she exposed during a beach trip, and another asked that"number of nip slips"was allowed.

State senator Tiara Mack twerks upside down in bizarre beach video asking for votes.
TikTok / @ mackdistrict6

"You already have three," she said. One of his friends described himself as a "black queer woman" who made fun of Mack.

Mac Twerking quickly recorded over 70,000 views, and one fan said, "I need to see more politicians doing [this]."

"I wanted to move to RI just to say this was my senator. 💯" As other fans wrote, other fans said she sealed their support. Said.

Tiara Mack's twerk quickly racked up more than 70,000 views on TikTok.
TikTok / @ mackdistrict6

But Naysayers are sticky to get a vote A stunt.

"If this is what is being done for our country, we are facing a serious problem," another commentator wrote. 😳 "

Another accused her of" this has set the race back for years, "and another said," How women are not respected in this country. " I don't want to hear you complain about it. " After posting this.

Tucker Carlson enjoyed Mack's performance and played a clip at theFox News Show, where her "demonstrated talent" was her "Democratic Party.


"We saw Tiara Mack holding his head in the sand and twerking, and thought,'Man-it's a Democrat,'" he jokingly said.

Rhode Island state senator Tiara Mack.
Tiara Mac

Mac does not repent, keeps her clip and becomes a critic I replied. She posts a videoclaiming that her twerk was a powerful example of "body autonomy."

After the Roe v. Wade case was overthrown, she thought, "The conversation about my body shaking upside down correlates directly with what's happening in the United States today."

"The heart of the conversation about abortion is about physical autonomy," she said, linking it to transgender and intersex rights.

She also shared amessage from supporter. She argued that "she is a young queer black leader&and a fiercely reproducible champion," so critics only come after Mack. A message that ends with a campaign donation request.