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RI police officers running for the state senator allegedly assaulted the enemy at an abortion rally

A Rhode Island off-duty police officer running for state senator on suspicion of attacking a female opponent at a pregnancy abortion rights rally on Friday I was arrested.

Republican Jean Lugo allegedly hit the face of Democratic rival Jennifer Luke at least twice, Roke told The Providence Journal. rice field.

A video of the incident shared by Rourke seems to show that the Senator stepped into a physical quarrel in protest before she was hit in her head.

"I'm the organizer of reproductive rights&I'm a candidate for the State Senator. After speaking at our Roe rally last night, police officers who are my Republican opponents slammed me. Attacked. 14} With a clip.

The video does not show what happened between Lugo (35) and Roke (40) before the change.

The person in charge of the Rourke campaign told CNBC that he went to the hospital for a CT scan.

Jennifer Rourke.
Instagram / @ jenniferrourkeri

Lugo was arrested on Saturday for simple assault and chaotic behavior NBC News reportedciting state police. He was officially released after crouching.

In a statement to CNBC, he Did not deny the attack.

"Unfortunately, as an officer who vowed to protect and serve our community, no one should see himself. I noticed that I was there, "he said.

Twitter / @ JenRourke29
Twitter / @ JenRourke29

"A group of agitators have intervened to protect someone who is attacking. At this time, there is a pending internal investigation and of the incident. Now that the facts have been revealed, I demand that my family and I have privacy. "

Providence police previously said on Twitter on Saturday. Launched criminal investigation of the case and put Lugo on "pending criminal investigation and administrative review."

Rourke in September to run for Rhode Island Senator. The Primary Association is seeking a Democratic nomination. Lugo was vying for a Republican nomination in the same seat.

Early Saturday afternoon, Lugo announced that he would close his bid.

"I won't run for any office this fall," he said on Twitter, but reportedly disabled his account.

Mayor of Providence Jorge Errolza called the footage of the attack "very unpleasant."

Jennifer Rourke.
Instagram / @ jenniferrourkeri

"The person in charge is completely responsible," he said. Added. Twitter post.

The quarrel took place when the US Supreme Court protested outside the Rhode Island State House in Providence after overturning the Roe v. Wade case. 86}  — a The decision has ended nearly 50 years of federal protection for proceedings in the United States . 

The decision was communicated on Friday morning — more than eight weeks after the draft version of the opinion was leaked and published by Politico.

In response to the decision, demonstrators went out to the streets on Fridays and Saturdays nationwide .

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