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Ricky Martin claims to have been "fabricated" by a domestic abuse control order

A Puerto Rico judge has issued an order to curb domestic violence against singer Ricky Martin, local officials announced on Saturday — "False The person responsible for claiming the Latin pop icon labeled "Forged in".

The order was signed on Friday, and police spokesman Axel Valencia said police visited a wealthy neighborhood in the town of Dorado, where the 50-year-old singer lives, and tried to provide the order.

"Until now, police couldn't find him," Valencia said.

It was not immediately clear who requested the restraint order. Police said the order was filed under Puerto Rico's National Violence Act and could not disclose details of the matter.

The Puerto Rico newspaper El Vocero reported on Saturday that the order stated that Martin and others had been dating for seven months. The outlet states that the order was disbanded two months ago, but the petitioner claims that Martin did not accept the separation and is wandering at least three times near the petitioner's house.

"The petitioner is afraid of his safety," El Bosello quoted the order.

Valencia prohibits the singer of "Livin La Vida Roca" from contacting or calling the person who submitted it. If the judge needs to leave or cancel the order that he said will be decided later during the hearing.

Valencia said the person who applied for the detention order did not contact the police. Police would have involved prosecutors to determine if there was sufficient evidence to prosecute. Instead, the request was sent directly to the court.

Correspondingly, Martin's statutory agent was published late Saturday in an article about people and Telemundo . I denied the claim to.

"The allegations against Ricky Martin leading to the protection order are completely false and forged," they told Outlet. "We are confident that our client, Ricky Martin, will be fully substantiated when the real facts are revealed in this matter."

News Announced last week after former manager Rebecca Drucker filed a $ 3 million lawsuit for unpaid fees.

"Martin has completely and maliciously refused to pay Rebecca millions of dollars to be paid under the management agreement to Rebecca," on page 15 submitted Wednesday. Read part of the litigation.

 In the newly released documentary, no specific complaints have been made against Martin, but his former boy band Menudo Members claimed to have been sexually abused. Bullying was exposed to drugs at a young age, with oppressive working conditions.

However, Martin, who was not interviewed in the four-part HBO Max document "Menudo: Forever Young," was said to have been part of the Sergio Brass. It made the life of fellow members difficult. Group from 1986 to 1990.

"Being with Ricky was cruel because he was older than me," Brass said. "So if someone knocked on the door, I had to open it. When the phone rang, I had to pick it up. I was like his housewife.

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