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Roe v. Wade: Supreme Court ruling on abortion rights raises interests in midterm elections

(CNN)The abortion dispute has moved to the forefront of Friday's midterm elections this fall. Republicans have new national and state levels to limit abortion rights as the best hope to prevent the erosion of reproductive rights caused by the Supreme Court's overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case on FridayPreviewed the efforts of.

"Roe is on the ballot this fall," PresidentJoe Bidensaid hours after the Supreme Court overturned a groundbreaking ruling. Said in a speech from the White House on Friday. .. "Individual freedom is on the ballot. Privacy, freedom, equal rights-they are all on the ballot."

The crustal movement caused by the Supreme Court's ruling was in the November elections. It takes time to determine how it will be deployed.

Court decisions range from the enforcement of existing state laws prohibiting abortion in most cases to the enactment of federal and state measures to limit the number of weeks before an abortion is legal. Opened the door to new Republican efforts. New Jersey Republican Chris Smith sponsors a national ban in 20 weeks, and the court says "a whole new opportunity to protect the weakest and most vulnerable people from abortion violence." Said that it produced.

Meanwhile, Democrats are trying to rejuvenate voters in maintaining their narrow majority in parliament to thwart new federal regulations on the right to abortion. Some are promoting codification of the protection of the Roe v. Wade case in federal law.

And in state legislatures across the country, new authority to enforce abortion restrictions has raised stakes in the Governor's race and state legislature contests.

Polls consistently show that the majority of Americans opposed the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case. But it's too early to decide whether a wide range of voters will see the right to abortion as a decisive issue this fall, or as one of many of their focus alongside the economy and inflation.

Republicans hope Friday's ruling motivates the party's socially conservative foundation, while Democrats have historically run for midterm elections and are the party's majors in 2018 and 2020. I hope to revitalize the moderates in the suburbs that have won a great victory but have been drifting since then.

"This could help Democrats find young voters who dislike Biden dramatically, but the [Supreme Court draft opinion overturned Roe. There is little evidence that voters' interest in inflation and crime has changed dramatically in the primary elections that followed the leak. "

Meanwhile, one GOP strategist who demanded anonymity argues that Republicans will "retreat" the United States and ensure people like him by a Supreme Court decision. He said he had sent him a video of Sports President Dave Portnoy. Describe yourself as "financially conservative"-vote for the Democratic Party.

"That's the way so many people feel," said a Republican strategist.

Outside the Supreme Court on Friday night, protesters in favor of abolition (one of whom had a Stacey Abrams sign despite living in Washington) were in court. The ruling needs to turn out in November, saying it was pessimistic that it would enliven voters' Democrats.

"People are really shrinking given the fact that many Americans do not believe that the Roe v. Wade case will be overturned, as power is fully concentrated. I think. What can our vote really do? "" Said 28-year-old graduate student Daniela Levin. "Sure, it doesn't stop me from voting, but I think it might stop others."

29-year-old Dana, who is involved in leadership development for a nonprofit organization. "People who need to participate to have a medium-term impact aren't, and aren't," Bournestein said. ""

"Not like super down, optimistic. It's not the point, but I think we need a really serious change, "Bournestein said.

Notice State Candidates

Some of the traditional battlefields of the president as the fight for abortion moved to the governor, legislature, and state courts. The state may move to the forefront.

In Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the states with Democratic governors and Republican-controlled legislatures, only Democratic officials and candidates are obstacles to the ban on abortion.

"We are the majority and we will not retreat without fighting. This is a total moment," said Saragod, one of the Democrats running to take over the Republican Party. Levsky said. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Governor of Michigan. Democrat Gretchen Whitmer for re-election in November has sought to prevent the enforcement of state law that would make abortion illegal in all cases except to save the lives of women after the Roe v. Wade case. .. Wade's reversal called the Supreme Court's decision "catastrophic."

"My pending proceedings to protect access to abortion are more urgent than ever. I will continue to fight like hell," Whitmer said.

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Republican Doug, who sponsored the ban, said the competition to replace Tom Wolfe, the governor of the Democratic Party for a limited time, would defend the right to abortion.・ It is being held among Senators Mastriano. Abortion after 6 weeks.

Abortion can also be an important issue in competition in the state Senate. Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman said he would vote to abolish the Senate's filibuster. This could pave the way for Democrats to codify the protection of the Roe v. Wade case nationwide. "As a cardiac surgeon, hold the smallest of the human heart in the palm of your hand and protect the sanctity of life," Republican candidate Mehmet Oz said in a statement.

Still, Republican strategists said the Supreme Court's decision is unlikely to be the dominant factor in states where abortion rights are already on the books. Many of the most competitive districts are in the suburbs, including some of the blue states.

Trump pollster Jim McLaughlin said, "This issue could benefit Democrats in margin-winning races only if the economy improves significantly and Biden's approval rate rises. Yes, "he told CNN.

Prior to November, he said, "In places like New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina, abortion laws don't change much," and now, "voters feed their families and literally say what they can do." I'm worried. " They can afford gas in their cars. "

But in his reaction to Friday's ruling, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin said he would promote a new 15-week abortion ban in the state. rice field. This is a change from the state's current law and is in the second semester.

The Republican governor, who was elected last year and has been regarded as a model for other GOP candidates, said he opposes abortion, but he has invested 15 weeks as a compromise. The Washington Poston Friday said he wanted to find "a place where we could get together."

Virginia has a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a Democratic-led State Senate, and changes in state law require both Houses to be cleared. Virginia will hold an out-of-year election-Yonkin's 2021 victory was a sign of a change in the country's political environment in favor of the Republicans-hence the November state government's control is not on the ballot. .. However, Virginia has at least three competitive US House races with democratic incumbents.

In Georgia, where the Republican Party controls the legislature and governor's office, a 2019 law signed by Governor Brian Kemp is usually pregnant after doctors can detect embryonic cardiac activity. The abortion will be banned after about 6 weeks. Blocked by court-may take effect soon.

Abortion rights could be an important factor in governor elections in states where the bloated and increasingly diversified suburbs of Atlanta are shifting in favor of the Democratic Party in recent years.

"I'm stunned. I'm furious. Without hesitation,&is ready to fight back," Kemp Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams said on Twitter on Friday. Said. "Our freedom is important. Our rights are important. We are not stationary."

In early May, a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning the Roe v. Wade case was leaked. Later, Abrams suspended funding and instead directed the funding to the Reproductive Selection Group.

Friday's Kemp advertised a push by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to overturn the decision to block Georgia law in 2019 in federal court.

"We continue to struggle in court in the light of the new momentum of the new US Supreme Court," Kemp said on Twitter.

Similar to Georgia, in Arizona, where a competitive race will take place in November with a vote of Governor and Senator, after 15 weeks of enactment and signing by state legislators, Norcross may soon be banned. A law earlier this year by Republican Governor Doug Ducey. The Arizona Republic reports, where courts may need to first resolve whether a new law or a 158-year-old law that imposes stricter restrictions and penalties takes precedence. I reported.

"Now the fight for pro-life must continue in the state," said Republican Blake Masters, who is about to take on Democratic Senator Mark Kelly.

"Mark Kelly (and almost every other Democrat in the Senate) voted to legalize abortion until the moment of his birth," the Masters accused. "These Democrats must be held accountable."

Meanwhile, Kelly called the Supreme Court's decision "a major setback for our country."

"It's wrong that my granddaughter has less freedom than my grandmother," he said. "Women have the right to make their own decisions about abortion. Duration."