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Roe v. Wade overturned: police brace against the effects of abortion clinic, church and Supreme Court decisions

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Cancellation Clinic, Pregnancy Center, Church, Police decided on Friday by US Supreme CourtisRoev. We are strengthening security measures in some areas to prepare for the impact of overturning Wade. 11} 

The High Court isDobbsv. The JacksonWomen's Health Organizationhas ruled 6-3 in support of the Mississippi Act, which prohibits miscarriage after 15 weeks of gestation. The Republican-led state of Mississippi has urged the Supreme Court to withdraw the lower court's ruling that prevented the enforcement of a 15-week abortion ban.

Earlier this monthThe destroyed Capitol Hill Pregnancy Centerhas replaced an old security camera with a new one since the center's building was painted with eggs, Janet Durig, Secretary-General. Said Fox News Digital.


Police have also protected the clinic ever since. Has been strengthened. Includes "probably six times more" drive-bys and night guards.

Abortion clinics and crisis pregnancy centers are ramping up security after the Supreme Court's Friday ruling.

Cancellation Clinic and Crisis Pregnancy Center Friday's decision. (Catherine Frey / Washington Post)

"Police are in and out of our parking lot all day long. Their presence is in the neighborhood." He added that no protests had yet been seen on Friday. 

"Of course, it's not dark yet," she said.

Aid for Women, Chicago's Crisis Pregnancy Center, said, "Since the draft opinion was announced, local laws have been used to strengthen facilities and enhance security features everywhere. We have worked with executive agencies. " 

"We are very grateful to the local police officers and their insights and support during this time and look forward to continuing to serve women in Chicagoland," the clinic said in a statement. rice field.

Last week, the FBI said it was investigating a series of recent attacks on pregnancy centers across the United States. This also enhances security for abortion providers as a potentialact of domestic terrorism

. This includes volunteers who guide patients to the clinic.

Two or more DOZEN states restrict cancellation after ROEV.WADE overthrows

" [T] The number of safe patients and staff is a top priority, "a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman told FoxNews Digital. "We haven't seen an increase in protests so far, but the security team is closely monitoring everywhere and is ready to increase security as needed. We come to health. We continue to do everything we can to keep everyone safe. Critical Care Center. ”

The National Abortion Federation announced an investigation on Friday to attack abortion providers. Was found to have increased from 15 in 2018 to 123 in 2021. This includes a 129% increase in intrusions and a 600% increase in stalking cases.

Volunteer clinic escort, Kaleb Masterson, poses for a portrait outside of a Planned Parenthood location in Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 12, 2021.

Volunteer Clinic Escort, Caleb Masterson, Portrait Pose November 12, 2021, outside the planned parent's location in Columbus, Ohio.(Reuters / Gaelen Morse)

The Great Diocese of New York regularly contacts the New York Police and other local and federal authorities in light of the decision. I'm fighting. The FBI told the Great Diocese that as of Friday, no specific or credible threat was known to any of the Great Diocese's parishes or institutions.

"We advised the parish to contact the local district or police / security office (depending on location) about this. Most parish is already local. We have a good relationship with our law enforcement agencies, "the Great Diocese said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Washington D.C., Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Mayor Muriel Bauzer, and D.C. Land Security Bureau issued a statement on Friday, and the national capital will overturn the Supreme Court's ruling.Roe 

"Mayor Bauser was informed that he would provide the resources and support needed to keep the community safe. As the capital of the country, we take our responsibility to protect the rights of the first amendment seriously. "The statement is complete until Tuesday for the MPD to" support the demonstration "next week. We have started to revitalize the department. "

Meanwhile, the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Mayor Muriel Bowser and the D.C. Department of Homeland Security released a statement Friday saying the nation's capital is aware of the Supreme Court ruling overturning iRoe/i 

Meanwhile, Washington D.C., Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Mayor Muriel Bauzer, and D.C. Department of Land Security issued a statement on Friday. } Roe</ i>  (Yasin Ozturk / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Austin Police Department (APD) is on Friday Announced a similar message to.

"Roev. In the light of the recent Supreme Court case that influenced Wade, the Austin Police Department wants to encourage or disagree with the Supreme Court's decision to express itself, but peacefully. I will do so, "said Chief Joseph Cushon. "[V] Violence and property damage are unacceptable. Anyone who commits illegal acts while protesting robs the message that the peaceful group is trying to convey."

Statement Ruth Issued as a group of abortion activists like we sent us, we testify to demonstrations of the plan outside the Supreme Court's House of Justice and elsewhere in major cities. 

Jane's Revengerecently attacked the Wisconsin Family Action last month and the Washington, D.C. Crisis Pregnancy Center 

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Already following the Supreme Court's decision on Friday morning, D.C. Erupted in New York City. One protesteris D.C. Scaled the bridgeand stopped traffic in response to the decision. The street was closed at Big Apple late Friday as people took the street to protest the ruling. The

state-level misconduct law will come into effect shortly after the Supreme Court makes a final decision in theDobbscase. 

FoxNews's Adam Shaw, David Spunt, and Timothy Nerozzi contributed to this report.

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