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Russia, Belarusian military base shaken by fire, explodes days after Crimean airbase hit with missiles

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Russian and Belarusian military bases opened fire and explosions on Thursday, just days after an explosion was seen that wiped out nine fighter jets at a Russian air base inCrimea swayed to 

Russian media reported that a military housing unit caught fire early Thursday morning in a town outside Moscow, but did not provide information on how the fire started. rice field.

The General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Moscow Region reportedly took more than 35 people to identify the fire after finding smoke rising from under the roof. said.

"The fire has now been put out and there is no information about casualties," a source told Russia's state-run news agency Tass.

Ukrainian Special Forces behind Crimea Air Base attack 

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the State Awarding Ceremony at the Grand Kremlin Palace, June,12, 2022, in Moscow, Russia. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the State Attending the award ceremony, Russia.  (Contributor/Getty Images)

The Belarusian news agency similarly said early Thursday morning that he Ziabrauka Several explosions were reported at the airport. The South Gomel region of Belarus, which borders Ukraine, is where the Belarusian army is checked for 'combat readiness'.

Belarus The defense ministry said some military equipment caught fire after conducting inspections late Wednesday night, Kyiv Independent reported. 

An adviser to Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsyhanoskaya said ontwitter that at least eight of her explosions occurred near an air base. Ukraine.

"So far it has not been confirmed whether these explosions are related to military exercises conducted by Russian and Belarusian forces on Belarusian territory," Advisor Franak Biacholca added.

Explosions rocked a Russian air force base in occupied Crimea, destroying at least nine fighter jets just days after a simultaneous fire broke out.

"In just one day, the occupying forces lost 10 of his fighters, nine in Crimea and another of his on Zaporizhia," he said. President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech Wednesday night. "The occupiers are also suffering new losses of armored vehicles, warehouses with ammunition, and logistics routes."

} Rising smoke can be seen from the beach at Saky after explosions were heard from the direction of a Russian military airbase near Novofedorivka, Crimea, Tuesday Aug. 9, 2022. The explosion of munitions caused a fire at a military air base in Russian-annexed Crimea Tuesday but no casualties or damage to stationed warplanes, Russia's Defense Ministry said. 

Explosions from the direction of the Russian Air Force base near Novofedryvka, Crimea, followed by smoke rising from Sarky beach, Tuesday, August 9, 2022. I heard a sound. A munitions explosion set fire to a military air base in Russia's annexed Crimea on Tuesday, but there were no casualties or damage to the stationed fighters. This was announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense.  (UGC via AP)

Belarus begins military drills on border with Ukraine, prepares troops

"The greater the losses suffered by the occupiers, the sooner we will be able to liberate the land and ensure the security of Ukraine," he said. added.

The cause of the explosion in Crimea remains unknown, and Ukrainian defense authorities are not responsible for the attack on the air base.

Images released Thursday may have suggested it was a missile attack, but Moscow downplayed the devastating event and said munitions had been dumped at the airfield, according to a Reuters report. He claimed that the explosion was accidental. 

This satellite image provided by Planet Labs PBC shows destroyed Russian aircraft at Saki Air Base after an explosion Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022, in the Crimean Peninsula, the Black Sea peninsula seized from Ukraine by Russia and annexed in March 2014. 

Satellite image courtesy of Planet Labs PBC A Russian aircraft is shown destroyed at Sakhi Air Base in Crimea, which Russia took over from Ukraine and annexed in March 2014, Tuesday, August 9, 2022.  (Planet Labs PBC via AP)


Mykhailo Podolyak, an Zelenskyy's advisertook this opportunity to state that the "technical mishaps" that had apparently plagued the Russian defenses were " Karma,” he said.

"The prevalence of technical accidents at military airfields in Crimea and Belarus should be seen as a warning to the Russian military. Forget Ukraine, take off your uniform and go away," he tweeted. "Neither in occupied Crimea nor in occupied Belarus you feel safe. 

"Karma finds you everywhere," he added. 

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