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Russia has an advantage in eastern Ukraine as the military learns from previous mistakes, U.S. officials say

(CNN)Russian troopshave better coordination of air and ground attacks in eastern Ukraine Two U.S. officials, who are directly aware of U.S. intelligence assessments, told CNN in the early stages of a country's invasion, including logistics and supply line improvements.

The United States hopes that thenew weapons systemrecently supplied to the Ukrainian army, including the HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system, will change the situation on the battlefield immediately. Is not ... So far, it has been sent by both a limited range and a limited number of rockets so that it will not be launched into Russian territory. In addition, Russian troops were able to destroy several new western-supplied weapons, including the M777 howitzer, in targeted attacks.
The U.S.'s assessment of the increasingly envisioned long and tough battles in eastern Ukraine has reached a crucial moment in the months of the war in Ukraineand more recently. It is done as. Ukrainian troops are burning Soviet-era ammunition that fits the old system, and the Western government is facing harsh decisions about whether to continue to increase support for Ukraine.

The US assessment portrays a disastrous image of the future of the war, with significant loss of personnel and equipment on both sides. U.S. officials plan to maintain a violent eastern attack characterized by cannon and missile strikes, with Russian troops exhausting Ukrainian troops and NATO intending to resolve over time. I believe there is.

Russia's progress has recently become apparent after Ukraine defended Lysychans'k. This is the last city in the Luhansk region, andhas become much thinner. In the last few days, Russians have advanced to several villages south of Lysychans'k, but have not suffered any losses from the Ukrainian artillery.
In the coming weeks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will effectively address the upcoming G7-NATO summit, a senior U.S. government official said. rice field. For his country. During the G7, President Joe Biden, along with other leaders, will announce measures to increase pressure on Russia's aggression. Also at NATO, one official said the United States will announce measures to "strengthen Europe's security, along with the expected major new contributions from its allies."

Members of the Ukrainian parliament say the Russian army will calculate the amount of ammunition that most of the Ukrainian army has in stock for Russian-made cannons and wait for the Ukrainian army to disappear. With the time I told the legislator.

"Putin has not been deterred and I don't think he will be deterred," Illinois Democrat Mike Quigley, a member of the House Intelligence Commission, told CNN. ..

"This war can last for years," he added.

At home, US and NATO partners are beginning to realize the limits of their supply of certain advanced weapons, such as shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin anti-tank missiles. These weapon systems have their own complex supply lines. This means that it can take years to replace the thousands of missiles already supplied to the Ukrainian army.

Meanwhile, Pentagon observers have begun evaluating plans to replenish the Pentagon's munitions and equipment stockpiles as they continue to supply Ukraine with large quantities of supplies, officials said. Announced on Wednesday.

"The purpose of this assessment is to determine the extent to which the Pentagon plans to replenish the equipment and munitions provided to Ukraine," the ministry's inspector general said in a statement. rice field.