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Russia's Sergei Shoigu reportedly visited the Ukrainian War Zone

Russian Defense Minister Sergei According to military officials and videos, Shoigu went to the Ukrainian war zone for the first time and awarded a medal to the Moscow army.

The ministry's footage released on Monday shows a stone-faced shoig (67) in which a military helicopter landed in a private location and appeared to meet with a senior commander in military combat uniform. )showed that.

"At the command post of the Russian Army, Army General Sergei Shoigu heard reports from the commander on the current situation and actions of the Russian Army in major operational areas. The ministry heard on Monday.

This video also showed Shoigu fixing medals to Russian soldiers.

"I am confident in you. "I am," said the minister in a flat, monotonous voice. "You still have many glorious acts before you for your homeland, army and air force. Congratulations. Be careful."

The 67-year-old general appeared stone-faced as he emerged from a military helicopter in an undisclosed location, which a Russian state TV host claimed was in Ukraine
Video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense showed Shoigu meeting with military officials
Russian Pentagon / via AFP

The post could not confirm if the video or Shoigu visited Ukraine.

The Kremlin did not reveal the exact location of Shoigu's alleged visit to Ukraine, but bombed Mariupol in May after Russian troops destroyed most of the city to the ground. There is strong speculation.

Russia's 1st host, Vladimir Putin's voice, called the "Vladimir Putin" in the role of the Kremlin's top propaganda, said the minister visited the territory of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops. Insisted.

"Sergei Kozgetovich Shoigu has arrived in the area of ​​special military operations. Take a look. He jumped in quietly and quietly," Solobyov visited the minister in a recent broadcast. Said while showing the clip from.

"Here (Shoigu) -well done, looks good. He has been released from the Nazi territory and quietly arrived in the demilitarized zone. Everything is wonderful."

Shoigu awarded medals to soldiers and assured them that more "glorious deeds" were in store for them
Via Russian Defense Ministry / AFP

Shoigu then went on to visit Shoigu in the future. Boasted that Kiu was included. Odesa and Mykolaiv after the Russian invasion occupied major cities in Ukraine. 

In March, Shoigu disappeared for several weeks in allegations that he had a heart attack or had surgery.

Russia's Vladimir Putin, unlike the dangerous journey to the forefront by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has so far personally visited the armed forces in the war zone. I couldn't. 

Some analysts believe that this is due to Putin's own health problems, limiting his public appearance. 

However, 69-year-old Putin was seen in many engagements last week and will travel to Central Asia this week for a meeting with former Soviet leaders. 

Shoigu's mission is very secretly,Putin spins on his favorites, then gets tired of them, and the Minister of Defense gives a series of generals control of war tactics. I came in the speculation that I had lost it. 

Recently, Brigadier General Sergei Slovkin says he has replaced Putin's previously ordered Alexander Dvornikov to save his flagging war effort. It has been. 

"For over 30 years, Surovikin's career has been plagued by allegations of corruption and atrocities," told the UK Ministry of Defense about the final change. .. 

One western observer said:

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