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Russian missiles attack Kieu when the G7 summit begins in Europe

(CNN)Russia, as the leader of the G7, launched a series of missile attacks on Sunday, the capital of UkraineKyivWas targeted. Countries meet in Germany on the first day of the annualsummit

Ihor Klymenko, head of the Ukrainian National Police, killed one in a Russian missile A strike that struck Klymenko's residential apartment, which said five people were injured.

He said the injured included a 7-year-old girl. Her mother, a 35-year-old woman named Katerina, was rescued from the rubble and put on an ambulance. Although she is a Russian citizen, she has lived in Kieu for a long time.

The CNN team on the ground spoke to Natalia Nikitina, the injured girl's grandmother. She learned of the online attack and rushed to the block of the apartment. There she cried when she saw her team trying to rescue her daughter. -Law.

"There is nothing worse than losing a loved one. Why do we deserve this?" She said. Two hours after the strike, a large amount of smoke continued to erupt from the building, almost all windows on the top floor were blown away, and the ground was covered with debris and twisted metal.

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat said a "strategic bomber" was used to attack the capital and "4-6 missiles" were launched. He added on Saturday that Russia was the first Ukrainian airstrike to use a Tu22M3 long-range bomber from Belarus' airspace.

Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, said in a telegram that search and rescue operations began after several explosions in the city'sShevchenkivskyidistrict and a fire in a house. I did. The building was struck by a rocket.

"Some people are trapped under the rubble. Some residents have been evacuated and two victims have been hospitalized. Rescuers continue to work," he says. I did.

Krichiko told CNN on the scene that Russia's Ukrainian war was "meaningless" and that thousands of civilians were killed, "doing everything to stop this war." Must be. "

According to the Ukrainian National Emergency Service, the fire was caused by "enemy bombardment" and "a 9-story house with partially destroyed 7th, 9th and 9th floors with an area of ​​300 square meters. It reached. " ..

The same area was hit by a missile strike in early May and was targeted in March.

On Ukrainian television, Vadim Denisenko, an adviser to the Minister of the Interior, said, "There are many military infrastructure facilities in the Chefchenkiwsky district, the capital of Ukraine.

US President Joe Byden called the attack on Sunday "details of [Russian] barbarism." When asked if the strike was a deliberate provocation during the G7 summit, he declined to answer.

Russian attacks continue in eastern Ukraine

After the major cities of Severodonetsk were confirmed by Ukraine, "Completely Russia" on Saturday The eastern Luhansk region of the country, confirmed to be under the occupation of, is now almost completely under Russian control. However, Ukrainian troops continue to defend the neighboring city of Lysychans'k, where Russian artillery and rocket attacks are widespread.

On Sunday, Pablo Kirirenko, the head of the military regime in the neighboring Donetsk region, said Russian troops were gathering for a new assault in the region, almost half of which was under Ukrainian control. Said there is.

"We are now witnessing an accumulation of personnel, heavily armored vehicles and artillery in the direction of Slovyansk," Kirirenko said on Ukrainian television.

"Enemy is using well-known tactics to approach the line of defense to fire in the city. Enemy artillery has already reached a specific location in Slovyansk. This should evacuate people. "

Through attacks in the east, Russian troops have used heavy artillery and rocket artillery before attempting to land. They are attacking the Donetsk region from three directions.

Kirirenko said there were missile strikes and rocket attacks in Klahove, a town on the southern front of Donetsk, which has been the target of Russian attacks for more than two months. He said Avdiivka was also hit by a rocket.

As Russian troops gained momentum in their attacks in eastern Ukraine, the city of Kharkiv and its surrounding areas are once again exposed to increased artillery fire.

Putin states that Russia will supply Belarus with nuclear-capable missiles

Russia will supply nuclear-capable Iskandar M missile system in the coming months Russian President Vladimir Putin told Belarus PresidentAlexander Lukashenkoat a meeting held in St. Petersburg on Saturday.

"In the coming months, we will transfer the Iskander-M tactical missile system to Belarus, which, as you know, both conventional and nuclear ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. You can use it, "Putin said. According to the Kremlin, Lukashenko.

In the record of the meeting, Lukashenko expressed his "stress" and concerns to Putin, and what he claimed was "training to carry a nuclear warhead near the Belarusian border. It is a flight by plane of the United States and NATO.

Lukashenko asks Putin to consider a "mirror-like reaction" to flight, or to "load a nuclear warhead" on the Russian Su-35 fighter currently deployed in Belarus. Requested to remodel.

Putin replied that it could be adapted to US flight, but "not necessary", suggesting that the Belarusian army has a large number of Su-25 aircraft that can be converted to nuclear response. .. Instead. The

Iskander-M is a Russian-made short-range ballistic missile system that, according to Janes Defense, can carry regular or nuclear warheads with a maximum range of 500 KM (310 miles).

On Saturday, Ukraine stated that it had been attacked for the first timeby an attack from the Belarusian airspace.

G7 announces Russia's gold import ban

President Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially announce the G7 countries on SundayRussia's Gold, which announced that it will ban imports, is the second largest exporter in the country after energy.

Biden tweeted about Sunday's announcement in Germany: "The United States has imposed unprecedented costs on Putin and refused the income needed to fund the war with Ukraine. Together, G7 is the major export we collect tens of billions of dollars for Russia's gold imports. "

Biden also unifies G7 and NATO in Ukraine and Russia's. He described the aggression and told German Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that the G7 and NATO would stay together rather than "shards."

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the cost of allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to "continue his conquest program" is much higher than the current cost.

"The price of retreat, Putin's success, most of Ukraine's hacking, the price of continuing his conquest program, the price will be much higher. Everyone here understands it. "Johnson said in an interview with a bystander at the G7 Summit in Germany.