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Samantha tells people to "raise hell" in response to the Supreme Court's abortion ruling

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Samantha Bee, a left-wing commentator who previously worked for Jon Stewart's "Daily Show," told viewers in response to theSupreme Court's overthrown Roe v. Wade case. Raise the hell. "

"I can't explain how painful it is to be here right now, where the Supreme Court has the power to revoke the 50-year Constitution. No doubt, this is the end. No. "The bee warned. 

" The conservatives will not rest until they come for all our rights. Everything we fought is us. Can be lost unless she regains it, "she said. 

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The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Virginia was vandalized following Supreme Court overturning Roe. V. Wade. 

The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Virginia is the best It was destroyed after the court overthrew Rho. V. Wade.  (Lynchburg Police Station )

"To not only vote in November, but also to protect and support vulnerable people To do everything with our power. People access abortion across state boundaries. And we have to raise hell! In our city, Washington, all restaurants. Judge Arito eats his rest of his life. "

Across the United States, a left-wing groupburned down and destroyed the Catholic Church in response to a court ruling., and the church says, "It's not safe without abortion, you're not," "I hate women," and "Religion of hatred." The White House has condemned these attacks. 

Last month, the alleged assassinthreatened to kill Judge Brett Kavanaughoutside his home. The man was arrested by police and had firearms, ammunition, knives, pepper spray, screwdrivers, cable ties, and other weapons. 

The bee's encouragement to "raise hell" reflects a long-standing call for supporters from other Democrats to deal with "street" dissatisfaction.

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The suspect damaged glass doors and wrote multiple messages, one of which read: "woman haters." 

The suspect damaged the glass door and wrote multiple messages.  (Bellview Police Station)

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Congressman D-N.Y. For example,called for a court decision "illegitimate"and argued in protest that people should bring their dissatisfaction "on the street." 

In 2018, D-Calif MP Maxine Waters called on her supporters to harass Trump officials with..  

She said, "They can't go to restaurants, they can't stop at gas stations, they shop at department stores." "People turn them on, protest, and absolutely harass them."

Similarly, in March 2020, Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. Was criticized for telling Judges Kavanaugh and Gorsuch that "pays for." "" 

The court recently underwent an unprecedented political attack. Someone in court leaked, a majority opinion on Roe in May

Crowds outside the Supreme Court reacting to the Dobbs ruling.

The crowd outside the Supreme Court is Dobbs Judgment against Jackson. (Joshua Comins / Fox News)

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The New York Post Editorial Boardmentionedin May, "The cry of fanatics where judges and their families surround their homes. It's bad enough to face. Posting that information causes real violence. When progressive does it, I think "docsing" is okay.

"This attack on The Supremes represents a massive ratchet-up of attacks on American institutions." 

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