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Samuel L. Jackson takes a race-based shot to Judge Thomas in the Roe v. Wade case

Actor Samuel L. Jackson took a race-based shot with Judge Clarence Thomas of the US Supreme Court. Locker Billie Joe Armstrong said he would renounce US citizenship on strike.Roev. Wade down.

Jackson wrote in favor of overturning the groundbreaking abortion decision in connection with the obedient slaves of Harriet Beecher's classic novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. The conservative judge was called "Uncle Clarence." Stowe.

"How does Uncle Clarence feel about overthrowing Loving v. Virginia?"The actor tweeted.

A groundbreaking "loving" ruling in 1967 declared that the state's ban on interracial marriage was unconstitutional. Thomas, the only black justice in court, is married to a white woman.

Meanwhile, award-winning rocker Green Day California-born frontman Armstrong told a London audience on Saturday, "F–k America!" The Daily Mail reported.

"I give up citizenship," he shouted to the crowd. "I'm here!

Samuel L. Jackson
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Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
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"There are too many stupid f-kings in the world and it's miserable I can't go back to the f-king excuse. Country, "he said. "Oh, I'm not kidding, you'll get a lot of me in the next few days."

The rant is a shot at Texas conservative US Senator Ted Cruz. It came just a few weeks after Green Day was played in front of the –k Ted Cruz sign.

Other celebrities, including the Grammy Award-winningBillie Eilish, talked about SCOTUS's decision at the Glastonbury Festival on the weekend.

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day
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"Today is a really dark day for American women. "She said. "At this moment I can't stand thinking about it anymore, so I'll just say it."

Then she dedicated her song "Your Power" to her cause. rice field.

Other bold names, including singer Phoebe Bridgers andOlivia Rodrigo, shared similar feelings with.

Olivia Rodrigo
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Phoebe Bridgers
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"This causes so many women and many girls to die," said 19-year-old Rodrigo. "I'm devastated and afraid."

Last week, the SCOTUS ruling to overturn the 49-year-old decision to protect the right to abortionnationwide protests. Caused.

The Roe v. Wade reversal leaves the decision on whether to allow abortion to the state, but removes federal protection that currently allows some legislatures to ban abortion. To do.