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Sarah Carter aggregates Biden's failure at the southern border

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Fox News contributor Sara Carter joins Brandon Judd, chairman of the Border Patrol Council, on "hannity" in Arizona and Texas' decision to classify the immigration crisis as "invasion" in a panel discussion. We talked about the benefits. 

JUDGE JEANINE: JOEBIDEN is the only person to destroy the country 

SARA CARTER: Just last May, 55,000 "escape routes". That is their estimate. Known Gotaways, fugitives have entered the country. They were people who were not caught. And think about this. It has been over 800,000 since President Biden took office. It's unheard of. And another factor that I think is really important here-

JUDGE JEANINE: I've heard, I've heard, Sarah, Sarah. Sara, I'm sorry. I have heard over 800,000. Last month there were 300,000 people.

Border Patrol Leader: Cannot wave the white flag in a border crisis

Sarah Carter :Of course. But it is known as the "escape". It's just known. It was only those who they knew fled to the country. And you are absolutely right, judge. And this year alone, more than 500 immigrants have died. It does not include the 100,000 Americans who died from drug overdose.

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