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SCOTUS abortion decision, and when rights become a crime

Carol Sanger: SCOTUS "Enteres a New Era of Shame on Women"

FridayThe Supreme Court overturns the 1973 decision Roe v. Wade, which guarantees constitutional protection of women's reproductive rightsdid. Our commentary is from Professor Carol Sanger of Columbia Law School.

The life of women of reproductive age in the post-low era is about to take place under strict new rules.

For the past 50 years, American women have been working hard to protect the Roe v. Wade case, a globally recognized name. Roe argued that the constitutional right to privacy includes women's right to choose abortion.

That was a good moment. Women can shape their reproductive life in terms of timing of pregnancy, number of children, or who wants to have children.

But that was over.

Professor Carol Sanger of Columbia University. CBS News

Friday,Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health AgencyThe current court overturns Roe did. Today, common medical procedures are crimes that are subject to surveillance and prosecution in different states across the country, just like any other crime.

This introduces new uncertainties: Can abortion-prohibited countries punish women traveling to legitimate states for theprocedure?? Can womenreceive abortion medications via email? And who should be punished for violating the abortion ban? Doctor? Women themselves? Or, like Texas,who helped me at all?

Dobbs also introduces a new era of female shame. The stigmas felt by some women under Roe will intensify: there is no longer any claim that they are simply exercising protected rights.

Poor women will face unwanted pregnancy plagues, especially with more cost, distance, and logistics.

But here, it's not just poor women. Allwomen are now facing the imminent removal of established and cherished rights, touching on the most intimate aspects of family life.

For over 230 years since the Bill of Rights was adopted, American women have worked hard to expand our rights as women. Now, the big things that women have relied on for nearly 50 years have been picked up.

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