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SCOTUS's EPA decision is a small but hopeful sign of the economy

West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency
The Supreme Court's ruling on West Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agency now gives Congress permission to make broad regulatory decisions on federal agencies. Is obligatory to obtain. Bloomberg via Getty Images

Climate change activity has hit the economy, but Thursday's Supreme Court Has ruled inWest Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agencyoffers hope to relieve pain. 

The judge ruled that Congress must explicitly authorize federal agencies to make broad regulatory decisions before doing so. This overturns the Obama-era power plant obligations and prevents President Biden from reviving it. The administration will first need Congress's OK. 

Its mission is to crush power generation capacity with the annoying requirement of controlling emissions and using alternative power sources without respecting the rule of law. Sexual and the damage it causes on the energy prices of major economic sectors or the average American. 

Meanwhile, the country is already struggling under the worst inflation in decades, partly due to the success of climate activists limiting the use of fossil fuels. Byden advertised our "incredible transition"away from fossil fuels, but then Vladimirputin and price-uncovering companies saw rising gas and other energy prices. He accused him of supplying fuel.

West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Strangle and kill US energy from coal, oil and gas It has long been a priority for Dems, but often lacks the number of actual legislative measures, such as the 2009 Cap and Trade program. Recall that President Barack Obama boasted that he had a "pen and phone." So who needs Congress?

Sorry, but as the ruling reveals, that's not the way it's supposed to work. Here we want the Democrats to receive the message, stop the end of the law when they fail to do what they want, and in the process collapse the economy to appease green activists.