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SCOTUS's "Stay in Mexico" decision paves the way for Biden to accept all immigrants

A migrant holds a child at an encampment in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, Friday, Sept. 24, 2021, across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, Texas.
The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Biden administration could abolish the "stay in Mexico" policy of the Trump era, which forced many asylum seekers. did. -People seeking to wait for immigrant hearings south of the border. AP / Felix Marquez

A Supreme Court ruling on Thursday put President Joe Biden in his predecessor, ". Mexicopolicy — Immigrants entering the United States had to stay on the other side of the southern border while waiting for a hearing — Most of the tools Donald Trump used to delay the flood of illegal immigrants. It's gone. 

To make matters worse, the United States was almost arrested for the end of Remain and the suspicious future of Rule 42 Rule, which allows the expulsion of illegal immigrants as a COVID mitigation measure. All immigrants are heading for a situation where they will be released here

In effect, the southern border is open. Or the steroid "La Invitación" (sometimes called Biden's posture). Democrats have no plans other than "get everyone involved."

It's annoying, especially because it ignores many wills of the country. Indeed, illegal immigrants are a major concern for Americans, with60% saying they are very worried about itor a significant amount and 78%. A serious or significant threat to the mass influx of illegal immigrants. Fifty-eight percent report that they are very or somewhat dissatisfied with the current level of immigration, and 49% want that level to remain the same or fall. 

Whatever Democrats want to claim about their position on this issue, the numbers don't lie. Their policies (formal and informal) are not endorsed by the majority of Americans. There is a good reason. Open borders pose great risks, especially at the moment of the impending economic crisis. 

Democrats love to yell at ensuring that all voices are heard. But when it comes to immigrants, it's clear that they believe in elite rule.