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Secret Service: The January 6th panel did not contact before Hutchinson's explosive Trump testimony.

"In response to yesterday's new information, I was asked to reappear before the committee. I didn't. I will officially respond to the record, "he wrote in an email. "We have made and will continue to be available to members of the Secret Service."

During her testimony, Hutchinson also said that Trump was marching to the White House. Following supporters, White House adviser Pat Cipollone explained an explosive report warning of legal liability. After weeks of publicly calling on Cipollone to cooperate in the investigation, on Wednesday night, the Special Committeeset outfor the testimony recording scheduled for July 6. Was summoned. Cipollone talked about Trump's efforts to send fake presidential voters to Congress and various other aspects of his bid to maintain power on January 6, when Congress met to count election votes. He repeatedly expressed legal anxiety.

Cipollone attended ainformal interviewwith investigators on April 13, 2022, along with Deputy Patrick Philbin.

Hutchinson's lawyers, Jody Hunt and William Jordan of Alston Bird, issued a statement on Wednesday in support of her testimony on behalf of Hutchinson.

"Mr. Hutchinson supports all the testimony she submitted to the Election Commission yesterday under an oath to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. ".

A member of the Commission on January 6 praised Hutchinson for appearing in front of her and emphasized her confidence in her testimony. At the end of the hearing, elected Panel Chairman Benny Thompson (Democratic Party) addressed a graduate of Trump World who had not come.

"For this brave woman and others like her, your attempt to hide the truth from the Americans will fail," he said.

The Secret Service statement is in the question about two aspects of Hutchinson's testimony. Hutchinson talks about Trump's actions in the president's car. And she claims to have written a note about a potential Trump statement aimed at quelling the January 6 violence.

And Hutchinson's because the Secret Service stated that the January 6 Investigatorwas a witness who could access or consider any documentto be relevant. The lack of committee outreach in the days prior to the hearing is noteworthy.

Earlier this year, the Commission was in charge of Trump's details on January 6th, to those who were riding with Trump from the "Stop Steel" rally to the White House that day. I asked about a car trip. Its agent, Robert Engel, gave a testimony ofthat seemed to be in line with Hutchinson's story at the time, but it is not known to contain the surprising details that Hutchinson explained. ..

However, the whole of Engel's previous testimony is not completely known.

It's not clear why the selection panel didn't ask the Secret Service for further support when planning a Hutchinson hearing. Members of the Special Committee said they welcomed further information on changes to the secret service provided by Witnesses under the oath.

The Commission's sudden decision to facilitate hearings with Hutchinson may have been taken into account. After initially planning a two-week hiatus, the panel announced that a hearing was taking place for only 24 hours.

Hutchinson participated in four videotape interviews with the Special Committee this year. This includes one after switching lawyers earlier this month and taking a more collaborative stance with the panel. Rep. Liz Cheney, Republican, Vice-Chairman of the Special Committee, described these four interviews in a statement on Tuesday and stitched together footage from them through a two-hour hearing.

Regarding the author of the handwritten note, a spokesman for Trump White House lawyer Eric Hirschman disputed some of Hirschson's Tuesday testimony. After meeting with Helschmann, she wrote a note about a statement given by Trump on January 6, demanding that the mob leave the Capitol, at the direction of Mark Meadows, then White House Chief of Staff. She told the selection panel. (The statement in question was not released.)

"The handwritten memo testified by Cassidy Hutchinson was actually written by Eric Hirschman on January 6, 2021." Man's spokesman said. "All sources with direct knowledge and law enforcement have confirmed that it was written by Mr. Helschmann."

A spokesperson for the Commission on January 6 said. He has already worked diligently on the memo, "I found Mr. Hutchinson's explanation of this issue to be credible." The spokesman also downplayed the importance of the author of the memo.

"We understand that she and Mr. Hirschman may have different memories of who wrote the note, but ultimately it is important for both White House authorities. He believed that the president should immediately instruct his supporters to leave the Capitol, "said a spokesman.

"The memo commemorates this, but Mr. Trump did not take that action at the time."