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Senchuck Glasley explains the link between high food and energy prices

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Senator Charles Ernest Grassley showed in Friday's "Your World" how soaring food prices are associated with soaring energy prices. rice field.

High gas prices worthwhile for the "future of a liberal world order", White House economic adviser CNN

Sen. Grasley:In a very common way, why do we have high prices? This is because it does not build a pipeline. Not excavated. We do not lend money to energy companies. It imposes additional restrictions on hydraulic fracturing. I bet-except last year's $ 2 increase in petrol tax$ 0.20-[it] because of this president's bad energy policy. And reverse it. Here's an example I visited a few weeks ago. A person who has a contract to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables-he says his price has gone up 7.5 cents. He says they'll go 7.5 percentage points-six of them are directly related to the increase in diesel. In other words, high energy prices have increased trucking. Therefore,food prices have risen from Europe at a press conference ... not because of Putin, but. It is rising due to high energy prices. 

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